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Yukishiro Taro
雪城 太郎 Yukishiro Taro
Yukishiro Taro
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Eye ColorDark Blue
Hair ColorDark Blue
RelativesYukishiro Aya (wife), Yukishiro Honoka (daughter), Yukishiro Sanae (mother-in-law)
First AppearanceFwPC10
Japanese Voice ActorMiyashita Takeru

Yukishiro Taro (雪城 太郎 Yukishiro Taro?) (or Ken Whitehouse in the English dub), is father of Yukishiro Honoka. With his wife Yukishiro Aya, they work overseas as traders who buy and sell jewelry. Since they can't let Honoka come along, they leave her Grandmother to take care of her while traveling. They visit Honoka in her birthday's. They are strict and stern people, but when they see or near Honoka, they show their adoration and get mushy on Honoka which is delighted and uncomfortable to her sometimes. She misses them as they misses her.







  • Although the first character does mean "fat", "thick" etc people don't think about the meaning. It's a very traditional name, which was given to first-born sons, and isn't actually so popular nowadays.

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