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Yukishiro Aya
雪城 彩 Yukishiro Aya
Yukishiro Aya
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
RelativesYukishiro Taro (husband), Yukishiro Honoka (daughter), Yukishiro Sanae (mother)
First AppearanceFwPC10
Japanese Voice ActorItou Miki

Yukishiro Aya (雪城 彩 Yukishiro Aya?) is Honoka's mother. With her husband Yukishiro Taro, they work overseas as traders who buy and sell jewelry. Since they can't let Honoka come along, they leave her Grandmother to take care of her while traveling. They visit Honoka on her birthday. They are strict and stern people, but when they see Honoka or are near her, they show their adoration and get mushy on Honoka who is delighted though this is uncomfortable to her sometimes. She misses them as they miss her.



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