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Mirai e! Eien Fumestu no Purikyua Faibu!
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! episode 48
"To the Future! Forever Strong Pretty Cure 5!"
Air date January 25, 2009
Episode Guide
Opening Pretty Cure 5, Full・Throttle GO GO!
Ending Ganbalance de Dance ~Relay of Hope~
Directed by Shinji Ishihara & Rie Matsumoto
Written by Yoshimi Narita
Animated by Shuichi Ijima
Art design by Makoto Suwada

To the Future! Forever Strong Pretty Cure 5! (未来へ!永遠不滅のプリキュア5! Mirai e! Eien Fumestu no Purikyua Faibu!?) is the 48th and final episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 242nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With everything lost, the Cures refuse to give up and continue to fight the Boss.



Pretty Cure persevere.

For a moment all hope is lost, but Dream encourages her friends to continue fighting. They agree but Boss of Eternal easily overpowers them.

He explains that he created Eternal to steal every precious item from different worlds and become affluent. He then proceeds to kill Flora.

Mailpo suddenly releases many letters, and together the Cures and Milky Rose combine their attacks to weaken him. With the help of the Four Rulers, Coco, and Natts they all use their powers and send their feelings to Mailpo; allowing them to unleash their final attack: Floral Explosion.


The Boss' demise.

Boss meets his demise after Anacondy appears momentarily and distracts him.

The Cure Rose Garden is slowly restored, as is the world while the items stolen by Eternal returns to their various locations. The Eternal location is destroyed afterwards.

Flora's last words.

Everyone expresses happiness and relief as Flora thanks them. However, she reveals to them that she will die - despite their help. She asks for them to look after the garden once she is gone, and to help the future genterations of Pretty Cure. She then vanishes and leaves behind a seed, which will grow into a new guardian of the Cure Rose Garden.

Later, Nozomi writes a letter to Coco about how everyone is doing. Bunbee has gotten his own business, and Syrup has become a better, happy postman. Rin and Karen tend to the Cure Rose Garden flowers, and Milk is guiding tours around it. Mailpo and Syrup remain together as good friends and Mailpo can now turn into a rose.

Natts and Coco are looking after Palmier Kingdom but they pay the girls many visits.


Everybody saying Nozomi's catchphrase

All the Cures have also achieved their dreams; Rin has become an accessory designer, Urara has become a famous actress, Komachi has become a novel writer and Karen is helping the Palmier's residents medically.

At Natts House, everyone pays the seed Flora left behind and they see a shoot has grown from it. They decide to personally watch and look after this seed until it blossoms; and with resolve, they exclaim Nozomi's catchphrase, Kettei!

The seed is looked at one more time as the episode ends.

Major Events





Secondary Characters


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