Rin Has A Date With A Cool Guy!? (りんちゃんイケメンとデート!? Rinchan Ikemen to Dēto!??) is the 41st episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 235th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Rin is walking thinking of her new design and sees a guy who is wearing a lot of accessories passing by. She stares at him and then just walks by. Meanwhile, Mucardia misses Bunbee and Anacondy suggests him to join Bunbee. She said she has high hopes for him. Later, at Natts House, Rin was making accessories and telling the girls about this guy she saw but Nozomi was more interested in new cake shop. When Rin said she was not listening, Nozomi said she wants to wear all accessories Rin makes, but Rin started saying that it's not why we wear accessories when Natts interrupted her, asking why is she wearing accessories. Later when Rin was helping at the flower shop she was thinking of other reasons to wear accessories when human Mucardia came. He asked her out to help her troubles when her mom came back, saying she's free to go. At Natts House, Nozomi was wondering why is she wearing accessories too. They are pretty and cute, but there's something else. Back at Rin and Mucardia, he asked her what is she doing at her free time, and she just said she hangs out with Nozomi and others. Mucardia asked about her friends' hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, but Rin didn't hear because she went to watch accessories and kept thinking of the reason. She asked Mucardia why is he wearing his necklace and he just said it's because of fashion. He just wears what suits him the best. He asked about her friends' weaknesses again, but then Rin saw a crying little girl looking for her brother. They delivered her to the police station but the girl was still crying. Then Rin gave her the brooch she made. The girl stopped crying and thanked Rin. Then she looked at the bracelet and Rin gave it to her. The girl said her brother will like it. Rin was surprised, since it's a design for a girl but the girl said her brother will definitely wear it. Later Rin and Mucardia went to the cake shop, thinking nobody will disturb them here. They were at the new cake shop Nozomi was talking about. Rin wanted to bring something back for Nozomi. Mucardia asked why is she caring for such pointless things - first accessories, now cakes. He said the most important thing is to fulfil your own desires. Suddenly Nozomi came, saying she wants to eat the cake too, She saw Mucardia and Rin tried explaining but failed. Then the waiter brought them tea and cakes. The waiter was Bunbee. Everyone stood up, recognizing each other. Bunbee asked if he wants to be Cures' leader too. Mucardia said he betrayed Eternal and realized he said too much. Bunbee confirmed Mucardia's from Eternal and ran away. Nozomi and Rin were shocked but he confessed all those strange traps were his doing. Then he changed to his monster form - becoming humanoid cockroach and Nozomi with Rin transformed to Cures Dream and Rouge. He summoned Hoshiina from the table. The girls tried fighting it alone but other Cures came to help too. They thought he was new enemy and were shocked knowing it's Momoi-san, but soon started attacking again. Rose used her Metal Blizzard, defeating hoshiina and the Cures used Rainbow Rose Explosion trying to defeat Mucardia, but he used a shield. Shield failed so he retreated. Later at Natts House, the guy from before with lots of accessories came. He was wearing Rin's bracelet. The girl from before came too. The guy was this girl's brother. He said he wears all these accessories because if his sister. Then Rin told Natts another reason to wear accessories - to answer others' feelings. Nozomi said she knew it, since Rin always puts her all into making accessories and she wants to wear them all. Then the siblings bought more of Rin's accessories

Major Events

  • Bunbee tries to get a job as a waiter but is forced to abandon it when he discovers Mucardia with Rin.
  • Mucardia's secret attacks on Pretty Cure are revealed and he is forced to show his true form.





Secondary Characters


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