Dangerous! Five de Chance! (Last Part) (危ない!ファイブDEチャンス!(後編) Abunai! Faibu de Chansu! (Kouhen)?) is the 37th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 231st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The Cures fight their way out of the twisted game show hosted by Mucardia.


With Nozomi, Rin, and Komachi unfairly losing their games - the only Cures free are Urara and Karen. The Mascots try busting open the door but it doesn't budge. Urara volunteers to partake in the next game, which Karen tries to convince her not to do, but she refuses to listen; saying she must. Karen asks if this is because she cares about all of the chocolate they would win, but she claims its about the trophy they could win. It would have all of their names on it, and really show their proof of friendship. Mr. Magic says it isn't of any importance and laughs before he puts her into the game, "Rhythm Whack-a-Mole".

Here, Urara must hit the moles while her song plays, and keep whacking them until it ends. If she misses even one - the game ends. Everything goes pretty well for Urara until one of the moles steals the hammer from her, causing the game to end. She transforms into Cure Lemonade after they begin attacking her, but she is grabbed and thrown into a box like the others.

The final participant was Karen and her challenge was a coin toss. Mr. Magic had Hoshina coin, but Karen realized she has her own coin in her pocket and said she will toss both coins, and he agrees, saying that if she loses he gets the Rose Pact. The girls protest, saying he'll still cheat, but Karen said she needs her friends to believe in her. They agree and Karen tosses the coin into the air, catching it to see its Tails. She is unable to decide as Mr. Magic chooses heads. She recalls how he cheats and she calls Heads, only for him to chose Tails afterwards. He asked her to show the coin but Karen didn't move her hand.

Frustrated, Mr. Magic gets tired of waiting and lifts her hand. However, it gets stuck on her hand and from him getting impatient, it lands on Heads on the floor and Karen wins. He claims she was cheating, but the girls protest - saying she won fairly. Nobody said the coin had to be on her hand when read, and because he was the one to lift her hand to begin with. The studio starts to destroy itself and the Hoshina begin to attack the girls, so Karen transforms into Cure Aqua as the boys turn into their Mascot Form and Kurumi changes into Milky Rose.

Together everyone fights the Hoshina and they fuse into one. Milky Roses uses Metal Blizzard to defeat it and the Cures release Rainbow Rose Explosion on Mr. Magic, but he escapes and avoids it.

Then the real TV staff said that filming is about to start and the Five with Karen went to the real game. Karen asked to spare her the coin toss.

Later the girls were re-watching the tournament and their victory again. Kurumi was a bit upset that her name didn't got carved on the trophy, but she pretended to be happy. Then Jiiya came with the trophy, with the girls happily observing it when Karen calls Kurumi back. To her surprise, Kurumi saw her name on the trophy too. Jiiya said he has a friend at the TV station so he pulled some strings to include her also; which makes everyone really happy.  

Major Events

  • Karen manipulates Mr. Magic's rules to defeat the "Five de Chance" scheme.
  • The Cures win the actual "Five de Chance" show, with Kurumi added to the trophy due to Sakamoto pulling some strings.





Secondary Characters


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