The Kings' Powers and Nuts' Troubles (王の力とナッツの悩み Ō no Chikara to Nattsu no Nayumi?) is the 30th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 224th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode starts with Kokoda-sensei teaching Nozomi's class about the tale of Bamboo cutter (Princess Kaguya) and Nozomi with Kurumi start loudly discussing why did Princess Kaguya left the old couple. Then Kokoda-sensei scolded them. Kurumi took this really seriously. Meanwhile Natts finished making something. At Eternal, Boss was thinking about Flora when Anacondy came. She wanted give him a flower she preserved to add to their collection but Boss just scolded her for coming without Rose Pact. Shibiretta came and started teasing Anacondy for that. Anacondy was furious so Shibiretta went to get Rose Pact. At lunch the girls were chatting how they wait for moon-viewing party and Nozomi was talking about snacks like nothing was wrong. Kurumi was mad at Nozomi, saying they are not friends anymore. Shiroh and Princess Crepe were watching them. Later Kurumi was sitting alone when Syrup came to her. Princess Crepe also made fun of her. Kurumi told them to leave her alone but  when Syrup was about to leave she asked him to help her. The 2 came to Natts House with Kurumi hiding behind Syrup. Coco said he's not mad at her because she is regretting what she did. Kurumi was happy. She wanted to talk to Nozomi but they weren't there yet. The 5 girls were at the bridge together looking at the Moon when they saw the Moon turning red. They saw a carriage coming and the mascots felt Shibiretta's strange energy. The girls appeared in strange place. Rin, Komachi and Karen were is a royal gown while Nozomi and Urara were rabbits. They saw the Earth and realized they're at the Moon. Then "Princess Kaguya" came. She was actually Shibiretta. The Cures agreed that one of them was supposed to be Princess Kaguya. Shibiretta said it's her story. She summoned Hoshina from the asteroids in a sky, saying that Moon kingdom was destroyed and everyone died. The girls transformed. They were fighting but Hoshina was tough. They tried reaching them by letter, but Kurumi's letter didn't have strong feelings. They went to see Coco and Natts who were working on some kind of device. Natts said he created this based on computers to reach the girls but it wasn't working. Princess Crepe said the device is perfect but it needs something. She used her powers and it contacted with Cure Dream. Kurumi wanted to help but Princess Crepe said she's only caretaker. Kurumi said she doesn't know them since Pretty Cure have supported Coco and Natts a lot and all the people of Palmier Kingdom are grateful to them and she wants to help them. Crepe said, that now she is real caretaker, since caretaker not only helps the Princes but others too. She filled her letter with feelings and they flew to the Cures on Syrup. They saved them and Kurumi transformed to Milky Rose. After a bit of talking, Hoshina attacked Milky Rose but Dream saved her. They were fighting and Milky Rose used her Blizzard, defeating Hoshina. At home, Nozomi read her letter, which was saying, that they're friends again. Then she gave Kurumi her apology gift - Moon-viewing dangos with chocolate filling - her favorite. She tried hard doing them. Meanwhile, Natts was worried, that he's useless as a King. Coco said he made this device everyone were saved because, but Natts said it worked only because of Princess Crepe. Coco just sit there with Natts.

Major Events

  • Shibiretta attempts to capture the Cures in the world of "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter".
  • Natts develops the Milky Note to contact the Cures, but requires Princess Crepe's power to activate it, making him feel useless.





Secondary Characters


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