Komachi and Madoka's Dreams (こまちとまどか 二人の夢 Komachi to Madoka Futari no Yume?) is the 20th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 214th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Komachi starts worrying over her sisters future and her dream and attempts to help her figure things out.


Komachi is busy working at her families sweet shop when someone comes in and comments that she has become bigger and more mature than the last time she stopped by. For a moment Komachi mistakes her for Madoka, her older sister until she realizes its someone else, then mentions that Madoka is currently out on a trip. The woman gets her order and takes off. 

Meanwhile, at Eternal, Anacondy asked Nebatakos about his report. Nebatakos said he's not doing that because he's not good at it. Anacondy said these are the rules and he cannot avoid them just because he's not good at it. Then she suggests him a job underground, and Nebatakos gives up, saying he'll write the report.

Natts is busy reading Komachi's novel while Nozomi, Rin, and Urara await his rating. Kurumi tells them not to trouble him like this when Madoka suddenly arrives - only to be mistaken for Komachi by Syrup. Komachi arrives next to the older girl, confusing him further until they quickly explain who she is. Madoka steps into the shop and starts looking around at the various pieces of merchandise, then hands the girls a box of mamedaifuku she bought from the trip before asking Komachi about her book. Natts compliments it, which makes her happy. She hurries to return to her school, which disappoints Queen Bavarois since she didn't get to speak to her. Nozomi happens to spot her school bag sitting nearby and quickly the girls, along with Syrup hurry to return it to Madoka at College.

There, the girls try to locate Madoka when her friend appears, mistaking Komachi for Madoka. Komachi quickly explains that she is her younger sister and brings up why they suddenly came. The girl leads them to Madoka and they notice she is in the middle of sculpting something. Komachi watches her for a moment, observing how much she seems to be into this, but when Madoka notices they are there - Komachi returns her bag and they take off. However she is still deep in thought, which Karen notices and tries to speak to her after the others take off.

Komachi confides in Karen and brings up how concerned she was over Madoka's dream. She's never seen her concentrate on something so entirely as she had earlier, and she admits that she used to think her dream was making confectioneries, since she always made them with their dad when she was younger; she would make shiratama dango.

She recalls how she decided to become a novelist, back when she wrote Madoka a letter. She realized how great it was to express her feelings in such a format, and because she appreciates her dream so much she wishes the same for Madoka. However, she is aware that sooner or later their parents probably won't want to run their shop by themselves. Karen is able to agree and mentions how good she felt after she wrote the letter to her parents recently, but admits that while she wants to help Komachi - she has no idea what she can do for her. Komachi is happy to have Karen's support and she claims this is enough, but she still feels saddened over her thoughts.

The next day Karen pays a visit to Komachi's shop. She spots Madoka, who mentions that Komachi already left until Karen points out she actually came to speak to her. She reveals to Karen that her dream was to make even better confectioneries than her parents while preserving the store's traditions, then reminded her of the time she made shiratama dango, and after seeing how much she enjoyed it, she wanted to make more to make a lot of other people smile as well. She gave Komachi a letter and told her that whenever things got tough, she tends to look at this letter and everything feels better. It was this very letter that made Komachi realize her dream to become a novelist.

Nozomi arrives to the shop and mentions coming to pick up Komachi before heading to Natts House. Madoka gives Komachi some mamedaifuku she made earlier and they take off - only to be quickly confronted by Nebatakos. He thought Komachi had the Rose Pact and took the mamedaifuku before expressing shock realizing it wasn't it. He scolds the girls for holding it like it was actually important, and Komachi claims it was before they transform into Pretty Cure. Nebatakos refuses to return it because it is important then, and transforms a house into a Hoshina. Nebatakos suggests trading it for the Rose Pact when Syrup came and snatched the package from him. They are joined by the rest of the girls and they transform.

As they fight, Mint uses Emerald Saucer to defeat the Hoshina. 

Everyone takes off for Natts House and they sit down to eat Madoka's mamedaifuku. Queen Bavarois points out that they eat a lot, but Nozomi claims to have only eaten three - which Kurumi believes is enough. Madoka stops by again and teases that she may not have given them enough.

After finishing Karen asks why the shop is named "Komachi", and Madoka explains that when Komachi was born she had really puffy cheeks, which were compareable to the mamedaifuku they were making. So she suggested to her parents that they name it that, which causes Komachi to grow embarrassed before she shows them her "mamedaifuku cheeks". Madoka also mentions being so happy to have a sister, so she decided to call the store something that she loves more than anything.

Major Events

  • Akimoto Madoka decides to continue to pursue the path of running the family sweets shop.
  • The origins of the name of the "Madoka" shop is revealed





Secondary Characters


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