Fisherman Karen and Turtle Milk!? (浦島かれんと亀ミルク!? Urashima Karen to Kame Miruku!??) is the 19th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 213th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Karen is playing the piano. When she is finished, Jiiya tells the girls lunch is ready. Karen says she'll be late as she has to write a letter to her parents. At lunch, Kurumi leaves to help Karen. Karen is struggling on how to begin her letter Kurumi comes and tells her she was in the same position when she was writing letters to Coco at the beginning of the season. When Karen takes a break to lunch she finds herself on a beach with a bucket of fish. Meanwhile, Milk is wondering on the shore and is picked up by three young boys. They start to poke her and she finds she has a shell on her back. Karen appears and gives the boys her fishes in exchange for Milk, and they accept. They both walk around. Shibiretta turns the page on her infinite book of tales. Subsequently, a big gust of wind occurs and Karen and Milk find themselves on a rock island. Shibiretta appears demanding the Rose Pact. The two refuse so Shibiretta throws a Hoshina ball in the sea. An eel swallows it and turns into a large Hoshina and chases them into hiding. At Karen's house it has been some time now and Karen hasn't appeared for lunch so the girls try and find her she isn't on the mansion grounds. They write a letter to Karen and Milk and give it to Mailpo who directs Syrup to where Karen is. Queen Bavarois appears and gives the girls the ability to communicate to each other via their CureMos. Shibiretta eventually finds Karen and Milk and they both transform. Both of them attack the Hoshina but are soon injured. The rest of the Pretty Cures arrive and Mailpo gives Aqua the letter they wrote. They defeat the Hoshina with Shooting Star. After that Karen finally sends her letter.

Major Events

  • Karen and Milk get trapped in the tale of Urashima Tarō by Shibiretta.
  • Queen Bavarois uses her power to allow the Cures to communicate with each other in Shibiretta's fairy tale dimensions.
  • Karen sends a letter to her parents to break to them that she is pursuing medicine.





Secondary Characters


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