Milky Rose's Secret! (ミルキィローズの秘密! Mirukī Rōzu no Himitsu!?) is the 14th episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 208th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls get suspicious with Kurumi's change in character as of late, and they notice that Milk has stopped sending them letters. So they try to determine who Kurumi really is...


Kurumi walks down the street when she spots Natts dressed strangely.

Later, she brings everyone tea at Natts House. Nozomi wishes to eat some of the Mamedaifuku as well, but Kurumi informs her that there was only enough for two. They start to argue over it while Rin observes them, noticing something familiar with their relationship.

Meanwhile, at Eternal, Anacondy came to Bunbee, saying his report is pretty good, but there is a problem - he didn't sign it as Bunbee. Bunbee said this was based on Scorp's data, so he signed his name too. Anacondy said there is no one at Eternal with such name. Remembering the scary Anacondy, he agreed to delete Scorp's name from the report.

The girls become increasingly aware that Kurumi is a bit odd, and she confesses something to them. Natts tells the girls that he will be heading to the store and they decide to follow him while Coco, Syrup, and Kurumi remain. Kurumi assigns Syrup with finishing their cleaning duty and tells Coco to just take things easy. Syrup is quick to defend himself by pointing out that Milk isn't sending anymore letters, causing her to become a bit tense and worried. She quickly brings up that she "heard" Milk was a wonderful person, but this causes Coco to become suspicious, since she never heard any stories about Milk in his hearing distance.

Meanwhile the Cures continue trailing Natts. They watch as he purchases peppers and some strange fabrics, and Nozomi deduces an idea and she quickly rushes back to tell everyone. She tells them that Natts House will be transforming into a Ramen Store, and the Fabric must be for uniforms. While they initially don't believe her, the other girls can't help but try to come up with their own crazy theories. When they see Natts return, they decide to keep what they saw a secret.

Later, King Donuts decides to have a chat wth Natts and comments that he should unite with the others. To succeed they need to first unite the powers of the Red Rose, and the Blue Rose. Then he suggests that they reveal Kurumi's true identity. Natts decides to consider it and goes to have a chat with Kurumi near the store. He asks her where she is living, and he comments that he is well-aware that she probably doesn't have a home, but they will gladly welcome her to live in Natts House. She asks him why he is being like this, and he replies that he is just learning about this world's history and he feels that by knowing it, he can help Palmier Kingdom and prevent similar tragedy.

Suddenly, Bunbee appears and Kurumi transforms into Milky Rose. From the data collected recently, she isn't seen as a threat because she lacks experience. The Five Cures join them and transform while he creates a boat Hoshina and they begin to fight. He uses the rockets on the Mascots, but Milky Rose takes it to protect them. Bunbee still catches the Mascots and tosses them aside after he grabs the Rose Pact, but Natts didn't wanted to let it go of it, saying that in this world where bigger nations took over smaller because of pepper and other cultures destroying many unique cultures in process. He refuses to let this happen again.

Before Bunbee tosses him aside, King Donuts uses his own move to help them. In this time, Milky Rose appears and kicks Bunbee away before unleashing her Blizzard to defeat the Hoshina. She prepares to take off when Dream suddenly grabs her hand and starts to shake it. Milky wishes to leave and seems uncomfortable, but she is unable to; only to vanish in a push of smoke. Standing in her spot, they observe Milk - with only Nozomi and Urara surprised to see her. The other Cures seem to have realized who she was fairly easy as Nozomi comments that Milk just missed seeing Milky Rose.

In this time King Donuts decides to take off and he hands the girls a card for contact. He asks Syrup to lead him back to the Kingdom so that he can hurry up and get his hands on some donuts.

Later, Nozomi and Kurumi, who was living at Natts House again, were arguing about how to clean the store. Natts points out that because of Coco, he decided to learn about history by his own experience. Coco then asks what the strange colored fabric was for, and Natts points out what he planned to use it for, showing them the door has been decorated with a sign hanging on it with the word Milk wrote on it.

Major Events

  • Natts forces Kurumi to reveal herself as Milk.
  • King Donuts returns to the Donuts Kingdom and gives Urara a card to contact him when needed.






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