A Nightmarish Fairytale World! (悪夢のメルヘンワールド! Akumu no Meruhen Wārudo!?) is the 13th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 207th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. In this episode the Cures and mascots are taken into the world of Pinnoccio.


The Cures and Mascots are taken into the world of Pinnoccio after they try to cheer up a depressed Syrup - who fears he will be unable to visit the Cure Rose Garden.


Syrup dreams of the Cure Rose Garden. While he walks around, admiring the roses, he slowly reaches out a wing to touch one of them. As soon as he does - it disintegrates. This alarms him and he wakes up to realize he was sleep walking. Mailpo looks concerned for him, but Syrup rebuffs his worry by claiming he has had the same dream before. He decides to go out for a quick flight around the city and tells himself I can go anywhere; other than the Cure Rose Garden.

In Eternal, Anacondy is showing The Director a new item that they've retrieved. She asks if it's quality is satisfactory and whether it can be stored in Eternal. He is pleased and Anacony asks that if he has any other requests that they should be named. 'Rose Pact' he says. He claims the Cure Rose Garden cultivates life and once its power has been brought into his power, only then will his collection be complete. Anacondy apologizes and the Director cuts her off by saying they should use another employee. After his order he leaves.

As Syrup sits by himself atop of the Church Bell Tower when Nozomi and Coco join him with some cake and tea. He refuses their offer and walks away, unaware of Kurumi; who appears to be eavesdropping on their whole conversation. Nozomi tries to change his mind but Syrup vehemently denies wanting any.


Syrup's nose grows.

 is pleased to hear she has been summoned to retrieve the Rose Pact. A dark void appears on top of the tower and then engulfs Nozomi, Coco and Syrup into it. Kurumi tries to bring them back but they are taken away. Nozomi, Coco and Syrup arrive in a forest at what seems to be in the night. They are in weird clothes and are extremely confused. They all agree to find out what cause this. They go into a seemingly abandoned wooden puppet workhouse. A woman appears and tells Syrup he is troubled in life. She tells him to be a good boy and his troubles will be solved. He tells her he has no troubles and refuses to be a good boy. The woman says he's lying and with her magic makes his nose longer. Coco explains the story of Pinnoccio to Syrup and the woman morphs into Shibiretta.

The others are increasingly worried over how the three are taking long to arrive at Natts House. Kurumi runs in saying they've disappeared. Meanwhile Shibiretta creates a puppet Hoshina. It constricts the three and Shibiretta is surprised to find they haven't got the Rose Pact. Seeing this she turns to Natts House. The others try to go to the clock tower where Nozomi and the others disappeared but once they open the door they realize they're on a boat in the middle of the sea. A whale Hoshina appears and consumes the four and Natts

Shibiretta seizes the Rose Pact and says that if Syrup wants it he can easily return to Eternal. She narrates how Syrup only remembers standing in front of the Palmier Kingdom gate, not knowing why he was there or even who he was. He felt different in the Palmier Kingdom being the only one who could fly. Shibiretta claims he doesn't fit in anywhere and that the only place he will feel contented is Eternal. The other four appear and after Dream retorts to Shibiretta's claims Syrup refuses to work for Eternal again. They defeat the puppet Hoshina and Milky Rose retrieves the Rose Pact from Shibiretta. Enraged, Shibiretta leaves and the four and Natts are taken back to Natts House and Nozomi, Coco and Syrup are transported to the church tower. They hand Syrup the snacks and Coco informs Syrup they have an extra room in Natts House and is okay with him moving in. Syrup asks what he's trying to saying and tries the cake. He enjoys it.






  • Syrup's connection to the Cure Rose Garden is further revealed.
  • Shibiretta, a retired Eternal worker, is introduced and uses the book "Pinocchio" to attempt to break the Cures apart.
  • Natts starts to piece together Kurumi's identity.
  • This is one of the very few episodes to have two monsters of the week.


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