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Mimino Kurumi ga Yattekita!
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! episode 12
"Mimino Kurumi has Arrived!"
Air date April 20, 2008
Episode Guide
Opening Pretty Cure 5, Full・Throttle GO GO!
Ending Connecting Our Hands Also Links Our Hearts!!
Directed by Shinji Ishihara & Rie Matsumoto
Written by Yoshimi Narita
Animated by Shuichi Ijima
Art design by Makoto Suwada

Mimino Kurumi has Arrived! (美々野くるみがやってきた! Mimino Kurumi ga Yattekita!?) is the 12th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 206th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A new student shows up and quickly the girls believe her to be Milky Rose. But what surprises them is how much she seems to know things about them and it already.



Kurumi introduces herself.

In Nozomi's class, everyone is chatting about when a new student walks into the room. She appears to be sophisticated and they watch her write down her name on the board.

At Eternal,  Bunbee mourns the death of Scorp when his substitute comes in. He disrespects Scorp's memory saying he was weak and asks Bunbee to clean his legs.

At lunch Nozomi introduces the new student to the rest of the group an they welcome her. However

Nozomi nearly disclosing the Pretty Cure secret.

they are surprised to see that she knows such much about them although she has just transferred to the school. They are joined by Mika, who came to give her a quick interview - but she gives her very discrete, brief answers.

Coco approaches the girls and asks them to introduce the school to Kurumi and give her a quick tour. She shows him a lot of interest in him and is quick to refer to him the same way Nozomi does. Nozomi goes on to speak to Syrup, but the other girls quickly stop her to avoid blowing their secret when she almost speaks his true name.

Kurumi is later shown to be very good at acting, has good knowledge on literature, has excellent taste in landscaping and is very athletic. Mika takes pictures of all her talents and then leaves. The school orders a new set of basketballs, which are delivered by Nebatakos. One of which is possessed by a Hoshina.


Milky Rose is introduced.

When all the girls are talking to Nozomi she drops all the balls. When the girls pick them up, one drops, freeing the Hoshina ball and bounces into the PE storehouse. The storehouse soon becomes large. The girls transform and fight the Hoshina. After it is defeated the girls look at the school newspaper and see that Kurumi is on the board. She is seen
with all her talents on acting (with Urara), literature knowledge (with Komachi), landscape design (with Karen) and athletics (with Rin). Only to see she did not do something with Nozomi.

When Nozomi spots Kurumi passing by, she is quick to say that Nozomi doesn't have a talent like the others, which leads to them bickering fairly quickly.

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