Let's Go! The Palmier Kingdom!! (レッツゴー!パルミエ王国! Rettsu Gooo! Parumie Ōkoku?) is the 7th episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 201st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Everyone pays a visit to the Palmier Kingdom after Milk calls them for help.


After receiving Milk's letter, everyone worriedly hurries back to Palmier Kingdom. Still unhappy with what happened though, King Donuts refuses to recognize them the true rulers of the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Papaya scolded Milk for slacking while everyone were working and suddenly shadow of a bird passed by. Milk thought it was a letter but then it was revealed to be the Cures with Coco and Natts. Excitedly she embareses Coco and Natts.

Meanwhile, at Eternal, new denizen Nebatakos returned with a new prize; Nanawa, which is number 85 on the list. Then he headed out to retrieve Rose Pact.

Papaya scolds Milk once again for writing a letter the way she did. She admits to being lonely and how she missed them, and she had tried to run away to find them. But despite this they're not mad, they say its okay and they're relieved to know that nothing happened to the kingdom.

Later, Nozomi lends Coco, in his human form a hand with a building. He apologizes, since he had been hoping to show her everything once it was rebuilt back to its former glory - and not still damaged. She claims not to mind though.

Meanwhile, Natts and Komachi help with something else when Rin and Urara join them. Karen trails behind and mentions that she was unable to find Milk again.

Milk sits by herself by a tree while she thinks about things. She is joined by Syrup and Mailpo, but shouts at them for being nosy, only to admit that she became a caregiver to become closer to Coco an Natts. Mailpo goes to leave, only to fall down. When he mentions being sleepy he quickly falls asleep, causing Milk to worry and apologizes to them for the work they had to go through to get here, but to her surprise Syrup has already fallen asleep too.

Later, everyone decides to take a break and the Cures are treated to try some of the Palmier Kingdom's fruits. Nozomi plants a seed while she eats and everyone has a nice time, until Coco and Natts feel something. Suddenly, something is shot from the sky and causes the ground to shake - alerting both Milk and Syrup. To their shock they find Nebatakos, who changes into his monster form and starts to demolish the trees surrounding them. Nozomi and the others transform into Pretty Cure and he summons a Hoshina from the rock nearby. Quickly, Coco, Natts, Syrup, and Milk evacuate the Palmier Kingdom citizens to safety.

Nebatakos tried attacking the Palmier Kingdom citizens, but Coco distracted him by saying he has the Rose Pact. He captured Coco, and King Donuts comes outside to try to help them. Natts steals the Rose Pact and King Donuts attacks with a blue bright light, at the cost of his strength. The Rose Pact is thrown some distance and it shoots out a strange blue seed. The Cures used this chance and attacked Nebatakos. Aqua used her Sapphire Arrow to push Nebatakos away and Dream uses Shooting Star to defeat the Hoshina.

After the battle, everyone had to leave again. They are pretty sad by this, but Milk tells them that even far away they will still continue to work hard for their sake. She asks Karen to take care of Coco and Natts and Nozomi askes Milk to take care of the seed she planted.

After they left, one by one the citzens follow and take off. However, as Milk sadly stands there, she happens to notice the blue seed from earlier.

Major Events

  • The Cures visit Palmier Kingdom for the first time.
  • Nebakatos appears for the first time.
  • A mysterious blue seed of the Blue Rose is shot out of the Rose Pact and is discovered by Milk.






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