Komachi's Decision and Nuts' Future (こまちの決意とナッツの未来 Komachi no Ketsui to Nattsu no Mirai?) is the 43rd episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 188th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. In this episode, Komachi is once again having problems with her novel.


Komachi is having trouble with her novel, and Karen suggests she should ask Natts for advice. Komachi screams that this is her own problem and has to overcome it herself. Later, at Natts House, Urara asked Komachi about her book and once again asked if it was based on something. Komachi, all red, answered, that it's pure fiction. Then she headed home to write the story. Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Kawarino gave Hadenya a black card. Hadenya said she doesn't need it. She went away and noticed a Pinky. Later, Komachi was still dealing with her writer's block. Karen came to her, and she told her about him - "the character in story". She loves him but he has to go far. They will never reach him again. She knew he will have to go away since the start, but now that the end came, she just can't say goodbye. Karen said, that the end belongs from her and if she will try, he will understand. Later, Komachi was sitting at the park, when Natsu-san came. Komachi asked why is he always helping her, and he said he's not as strong as everyone think and that he needs everyone's help. He said Karen is always telling him that Komachi taught her that, making Komachi start crying. She said she is always worried about future and is afraid to speak up, because that might ruin all the future in an instant. Natsu-san said for her to be more courageous, like Nozomi (making the latter sneeze loudly). Then suddenly Hadenya came. She showed everyone the Pinky she caught before - Goremun. She targeted Komachi and Natsu-san, making him turn back to his mascot form. Then everyone came to the rescue. The girls transformed before Hadenya finished talking. Then she summoned Kowaina from Pinky. Everyone battled it, and Dream broke the mask, with Komachi chasing her away with her epic new attack. Dream was relieved everything was over. Later, Karen asked Komachi how are things going, and Komachi said she decided to shelve it for now, but one day she will be sure to find the perfect ending.

Major Events

  • Kawarino gives Hadenya the Black Mask, but she declines it, choosing to fight with her own power.
  • Komachi decides to give up on the romance novel she was working on being unsure of her ending.






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