Milk's Decision and Everyone's Power! (ミルクの決意とみんなの力! Miruku no Ketsui to Minna no Chikara!?) is the 30th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 175th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nozomi and Milk get into a fight and after Milk insults Nozomi by saying she is unfit to be a Pretty Cure - Nozomi becomes depressed and separates herself from the others.



Milk and Nozomi fighting with each-other.

Nozomi is running around to catch Milk, who stole her chocolate. After catching her, Milk is quick to eat the chocolate, causing Nozomi to get angry. Everyone tells them to quiet down and Milk claims people stealing in the Palmier Kingdom was a good thing. Nozomi hears this and insults their Kingdom by calling it "short-handed", causing Milk to get angry and tell her she is useless and doesn't have the right to be a Pretty Cure. Which shocks Nozomi and the others.

Arachnea reaching for the paper.

Meanwhile, in Nightmare, Arachnea was searching for Kawarino. She found him and requested the black paper, which meant it would be the last attack, and she left, shocking Bunbee after he sees it.

At Natts House, Nozomi has left with everyone discussing it. Milk leaves to her room with everyone scolding her for what she said - but she pays them no mind.

Meanwhile, Nozomi goes to bed after putting her Pinky Catch in the box.

Karen comes by Milk's room in hopes of speaking to her. She tries to help her reconsider what she said, lifting her spirits by chatting about the wonderful qualities of Nozomi.


Arachnea as she is furious.

Far away from Natts House, Arachnea was looking for the girls when Bunbee arrives, telling her not to use the paper. She refuses to listen and attacks as the girls spot the furious Arachnea and are warned to watch out.

At Nozomi's house, her Pinky Catch starts to shine.

The girls transform and they start to fight Arachnea, but they seem to struggle more than ever and get pushed back to the walls. Coco and Natts worry and attempt to free them, but Arachnea stops them and requests the Dream Collet.


Milk jumps to Cure Dream's arm.

Nozomi awakens to notice the shining Pinky Catch. She realizes her friends are in trouble and takes off to find them.

Arachnea has taken the Collet from the group and Milk attempts to attack her to get it back. When suddenly, Nozomi arrives and transforms after demanding she stops. The girls are able to regroup and defeat Arachnea - but with her paper, she uses it to strengthen herself and nearly defeat them. As things seem bleak, Milk apologizes to Dream for what she said, then wraps herself around Dream's arm to transform into an object. Cure Dream then gains Dream Torch and the Cures lend their powers to it, allowing them to perform Five Explosion and defeated Arachnea.

With everything returning to normal, Nozomi and Milk seem to be friends again, bringing peace to Natts House.

Major Events

  • Against Bunbee's orders, Arachnea partakes in Kawarino's Black Mask, turning her into a monster that the Cures ultimately destroy.






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