The Apprentice Caretaker Milk Makes Her Entrance! (お世話役見習いミルク登場! Osewayaku Minarai Miruku Tōjō!?) is the 21st episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 166th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A strange pink rabbit is found by Nozomi and thinking she is a doll, she brings her to Natts House after school. There they learn she is actually a Mascot like Natts and Coco, and has come to find them.


The episode starts with a hungry pink rabbit mascot wandering the streets. She sees Nozomi running nearby and pretends to be a plush doll. Now late, Nozomi takes the plush and puts it inside of her school bag before hurrying to the bus. 

Meanwhile, at Nightmare, Bunbee ordered Girinma to focus on the mascots more instead of the cures, much to his apparent dismay.

Later on in class, Nozomi thinks about food, unaware of the fact that the strange pink mascot is busily eating her lunch. As Kokoda-sensei started the lesson, she then comments on how his voice reminded her of Coco.

At the lunch break, the girls were reading the Cinq Lumieres News and an article about Urara. Nozomi begins to open her lunch and is shocked to find it empty. Meanwhile in class, the pink mascot is now sleeping there.

After school, everyone goes to Natts House while wondering what happened with Nozomi's lunch and how it got empty like that. Natsu-san comes to offer Nozomi some mamedaifuku upstairs, while Rin gets her some water because Nozomi tends to eat really fast and may choke. As this is going on, the pink mascot begins to eat the mamedaifuku, which Nozomi happens to witness and starts yelling. This catches everyone's attention and they come running in as Nozomi shows them the mascot.

The mascot recognizes Coco and Natts and introduces herself as their caretaker, Milk. To celebrate, Coco and Natts put some cream puffs and mamedaifuku on the plates and start eating too. Nozomi tried taking some because she was hungry, but Milk wouldn't let her have any, which makes them argue. In hopes of causing distraction, Coco asks Milk if she is always alone like this, and she asks what happened to the Kingdom. Coco and Natts inform her of the story, but reveal that if they collect fifty-five Pinkies and put them into the Dream Collet, everything will be fine. If the Nightmare attack this time though, they will be ready because of the Pretty Cure. But when Nozomi tells them that they can just leave everything to them, Milk takes this as a chance to insult her again and they start to bicker. Before Coco can tell Milk that Nozomi is a pretty cure, customers come into the shop though and they are forced to turn back into humans, which impresses Milk.

The girls ask Milk how she is able to survive here without being able to transform into a human, and she mentions that sometimes she would pretend to be an animal, or a plush doll. Just as Nozomi was about to feel sorry for her though, Milk grows smug and reveals that she does it intentionally. Nozomi grows angry with her but Rin stops her from acting out on it. As Kouji and Natsu-san thank the customers, Milk is highly shocked by the fact that the prince's have to work in a shop.

Eventually Milk does confess she was the one who ate Nozomi's lunch. But before they are able to argue again the others leave Natts House. As they are gone, Milk decides to make dinner for them and leaves to buy some things from the shop. Kouji and Natsu-san follow after her but they are attacked by Girinma.

Nozomi and the others happen to see this and hurry back while Milk tries to defend Coco and Natts. Girinma was about to attack but the others show up and transform into Pretty Cure, much to Milk's surprise. Then Girinma made a bench Kowaina. As Dream saves the mascots, the others continue to fight while they say that they wont let Milk suffer anymore. Dream then finishes off the Kowaina.

After the battle, Milk thanks Nozomi but she still thinks the girls are unreliable brats. Nozomi wanted to argue, but Milk then falls asleep. Karen then mentions her belief that while Milk puts on a brave face, she's probably just relieved to know that everything is fine now. Coco then mentions that she tried her best to protect him and Natts.

Major Events

  • Milk, a fairy revealed to have survived the Palmier Kingdom's disappearance and self-claimed "caretaker" of Coco and Natts, makes her first appearance.






  • At one point, Cure Dream has Nozomi's hair.


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