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Purikyua 5 Kashu Debyū!?
Yes! Pretty Cure 5 episode 20
"Pretty Cure 5's Singing Debut!?"
Air date June 24, 2007
Episode Guide
Opening Pretty Cure 5, Smile GoGo!
Ending Kirakira Shichatte My True Love!
Directed by Komura Toshiaki
Written by Narita Yoshimi
Animated by Kawamura Toshie
Art design by Shinzo Yuki & Ryutaro Masuda

Purikyua 5 Kashu Debyū!? (プリキュア5歌手デビュー!?! "Pretty Cure 5's Singing Debut!?"?) is the 20th episode from Yes! Pretty Cure 5. The fourth season of the Pretty Cure franchise and prequel to Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 165th episode of the Pretty Cure all series. This episode focuses on Urara, and the other Cures', singing debut.


Nozomi singing
Nozomi attempting to say the tongue twister
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At L'École des Cinq Lumières, Urara is going through a tongue twisting alphabet song. Rin and Nozomi look in awe as Urara recites it perfectly with no difficulty. She said it's because she's an actress. Nozomi tried repeating it, but failed. Rin reminded her that she was kicked from drama club after three days. Suddenly, Washio Kouta appears and informs Urara that after her performance at the parkYPC512, a talent scout wants her to debut as a singer. Later, at Natts House, Urara is trying to write lyrics and wonders if she really could try being a singer as well as an actress. Suddenly, Nozomi and Rin burst in with a poster for Urara's singing debut. Komachi and Karen didn't really liked the design, and Rin said they need a 3x bigger poster to give her passion. They asked Karen and she agreed, but on one condition: she'll do the design. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Masuko Mika appears and asks for details on Urara's live event. The performance was scheduled at a special place at a shopping mall, where many famous people have performed and has even been given the name as a 'Holy Land for idol debuts'. Mika thinks that the group should do something extra to support Urara and she comes with the idea of a cheer] After the cheer Nozomi thinks that the group should wear matching clothes. Masuko Mika says they should practice the cheer while Urara is singing, and Nozomi asked her to listen to her song. Urara said she has to write her own lyrics, and everyone said it must be hard. Nozomi says that for Urara everything will be fine, making Urara stand up and disagree. She then runs out. Nozomi comes to see Urara and apologizes. Urara says she is not sure about debuting because she wants to be actress.  She is unsure if someone like her who is trying to become actress should sing. Nozomi asked her why she wants to become actress. Urara said she wants to show people their dreams. Nozomi said both things are the same, because they are related to people's dreams. She said she'll reach everyone if she tries at either of them. The girls apologized to each other. When they were going home, the rest of the girls came and apologized. At night, Urara tried her best to write the lyrics. The next day, at the shopping mall, Urara is getting ready for her debut. Gamao, who works as a bodyguard at the mall, sees the girls advertising Urara's debut, and thinks of a plan. The girls go to Urara's room, when suddenly a man comes and asks her to follow him and take her dress. He takes her to some place, and locks the door. He reveals himself as Gamao, takes Urara's dress and steps on it. Meanwhile, the lamps at the Urara's room started blinking, and Kouji with Natsu-san came. Everyone came to the place Urara was. Gamao turned Urara's dress to a Kowaina.  The whole group transformed and promised to protect Urara's dream. The Kowaina was avoiding Cures' attacks, but Mint stopped it with her protection. Then Lemonade used her move, defeating the Kowaina. Dream was fighting Gamao, and chased him away with her attack. Unfortunately, Urara's dress was ruined after being turned into a Kowaina. Then Kouji and Natsu-san come give the group new matching clothes to wear. Urara manages to perform her song "Tobikkiri Yuki no Door!" with the rest of the girls being her backup dancers. Everyone loved it. 

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