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Ellen siren

aka misakai forever~

  • I live in Indonesia, Earth, Milky Way, Universe
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is make a fanfiction, typesetter
  • I am Female

KyuabiitoMember of WikiaMy Favorite Cures

Nakamura Sharon
中村シャロン Nakamura Sharon
AliasEllen siren

Favorite SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Suite Pretty Cure♪
Smile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorLight Purple
Hair ColorYellow
Home PlaceEarth
Fav. Alter EgoList Favorite

About Me

I love Anime very much. I love Anime Pretty Cure, because that's fantastic Anime! ♥

Hello! I'm Nakamura Sharon (also known as Ellen siren). My real pseudonym name is Hoshizora Hikari. I am one of otaku. My catchphrase is "I am one of the otaku butler" AWESOME ! XD Same as Sebastian Michaelis, one of my favorite character from Kuroshitsuji (also known as Black Butler).

Okay, I am an otaku since 2007. I just assume this old otaku who recently published. I might not be too well known to the fanfic stuff, but I can makeand guaranteed 0% is not funny! DX I am also known as otaku are very talented enthusiast in crazy things (like in the field of talks) can get out of the category.

And another thing, I'm girls/women/woman #anything!(WTF IT!) and have a relationship with Gido-san and Frau (from 07-Ghost) desu #beaten bricks *just kidding ^o^*


Pretty Cure Series (FwPC - HPC!)

Futari wa Pretty Cure (FwPC) - Heartcatch Pretty Cure! (HPC!)


  • (5 SEPTEMBER, 2011) 0 - 500 (19 OCTOBER, 2011) — 21:25)
  • (19 OCTOBER, 2011) 500 - 1000 ( 7 JANUARY, 2012) — 11:27)
  • Wing that come out on Cure Melody's spine
  • Kanade blushing
  • Other Kanade Blushing
  • Other Kanade Blushing
  • Suite and Smile
  • Reika smile
  • Kanade mad
  • Protect Fary!
  • Smile Rainbow Healing

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