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Butler Zakenna "Then let's get to work-zakenna!"
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ウラガノス Uraganosu
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Eye ColorYellow
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceDusk Zone
First AppearanceFwPCMH06
Theme ColorOrange
Japanese Voice ActorTakagi Wataru

Uraganos (ウラガノス Uraganosu?) is large and dim-witted. He is clumsy and tends to destroy things by accident due to his size and strength. Uraganos also to never seem to hear people finish their sentences, especially Circulas. He is revived in DX 2 but is defeated once more after Chiffon activates the power of the Miracle Lights.



Uraganos is big and dresses like an old Persian pirate or naval warrior with the beard to match. His body is well chiseled like that of a body builder and he wears armor over his midsection and shoulders.


  • He is the 1st member in Dark Zone on the season Max Heart to have done a maximum 12 Zakennas, after him it is Viblis with 11 Zakennas and Circulas with 9.
  • He shares the same voice actor as Bunbee.
  • Due to his large, muscular and bulky appearance, as well as his pointed ears, blank eyes and almost bald head, as well as his personality and lack of intelligence, he is similar to Gekidrago.


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