Touch Commune
Much like how Nagisa and Honoka obtain the Card Communes (and later the Heartful Communes), Hikari gains the Touch Commune (タッチコミューン Tatchi Komyūn?) upon the time that Pollun comes along and he switches from his Pretty Commune form. Unlike the Card Communes, this does not come with cards.

It works like the others however, allowing Hikari to transform into Shiny Luminous by waving her hand over it and shouting "Luminous! Shining Stream!" when she begins the transformation.

Unlike the Card Communes, The Touch Commune is round, resembling a mirror or makeup compact. The outside is white with teal along the bottom half of the top and gold lining/details with a golden bow in the center.

Pretty Commune
Pollun's normal form is the Rainbow Commune, an object that is white with a teal/mint green colored flap with two small buckles/clasp keeping it closed.

It first appears in Episode 26 when Pollun first arrives to Earth until he gains the power of the Prism Stones.


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