Toshioka Yuuto
利岡ユウト Toshioka Yūto
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark violet
Home PlaceKibougahana
First AppearanceHPC12
Japanese Voice ActorTakahashi Hiroki

Toshioka Yuuto (利岡ユウト Toshioka Yūto?) is a regular customer of Hanasaki Flower Shop. He usually buys flowers for his girlfriend.


Yuuto appears as a tall person, who wears a dark blue jacket, along with pants, and black shoes. He has brown eyes, and short, dark violet hair.


Yuuto has a kind personality and believes in love. Even thought he is shy at things, like proposing to Risa, he has confidence.


Yuuto, who thinks that his girlfriend, Risa doesn't like him. Then goes to the Hanasaki Flower Shop, and asks, the family to find a flower which forever bloomed. However, Youichi, tells him that, he has no flower like that, but could give him a fake flower. While, Youichi is arranging flowers, Yuuto tells them that, he thinks that Risa, does not like him, and tells he is going to propose her, this news shockes the family. Then he leaves with courage, and then appears again, with Risa in the BBQ party arranged by Erika, and Tsubomi's families. Erika then finds out that they both misunderstanding, as they thought that they were both dating other people.


Cobraja arrives, while Erika was filming Yuuto, and Risa.

Tsubomi to get them together, then made a plan with Erika to get them to go to the bridge. They invited him, and Risa to the bridge there, Erika, and Tsubomi went to the river, and were filming them. As air was making the bridge to shake, Risa felt as she was going to fall down, then Yuuto helped her. Risa then took courage to speak to him but, suddenly Cobraja came and summoned a Desertrian out of Risa's Heart Flower. Erika, and Tsubomi seeing this transform.

The Cures begin hitting the monster, with the help of Blossom, Cure Marine got in the center of the Desertrian, and was going to do Marine Impact, and thought it worked but badly, Cure Marine's arm was absorbed by the Desertrian. Then the Desertrian, took Cure Marine and putted in her body as there was water, once Marine was there, she couldn't get out, and couldn't breathe.


Yuuto carrying Risa.

Then Blossom began attacking. Cobraja told then not to fall for love, then Yuuto told him and the Desertrian, that love is life, and then showed the ring, and tulip flowers to the Desertrian, then he shouted to marry her. This made, Risa, and the Desertrian, cry. With the help of Yuuto, Cure Blossom performed, Pink Forte Wave, which purified the Desertian. In the end, Yuuto was carrying Risa. Then he asked her to marry him, this news than made Risa cry, she had accepted.HPC12



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