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Takeuchi Ayano
Takeuchi Ayano
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceLand of Greenery
First AppearanceFwPCSS04

Takeuchi Ayano is a girl and fellow student attending the same school as Saki and Mai. She is a second year student who is in class A and in the Art Club.

She appears in episode episode 4 of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. Meeting Saki and Mai one day when Mai is busy drawing and she happens to overhear them. She approaches and studies Mai's picture, stating that it looks as if it is ready to come alive. She believes that Mai should take up Art as her career.

It is revealed near the end of the episode that the old woman is her grandmother. Who she was to help with harvesting the spring cabbage.


Ayano has shoulder length brown hair and multiple bangs with sing strands framing her face. Her eyes are hazel-brown and due to being a minor character, she is usually seen in her school uniform.

She is later seen in her casual outfit, a pink shirt with a loose white jacket/button long sleeved shirt with dark gray skirt and a light yellow purse.


Ayano is a friendly girl who also can come off a little bit pushy to others. When Mai was not sure about joining the art club she kept trying to insist she should while scolding Saki for trying to say something, to which she responded with, "I wasn't talking to you anyway".

She is mostly straight forward however, and sees that Mai seems to posesse a real talent in Art and just wishes for her to see this also. Ayano cares a lot for her grandmother, who the girls meet later in the episode but do not discover this until near the end when she arrived and mentions that she had come over to help finish the harvesting.

At the art contest, Ayano felt bad that Mai did not win, thinking she should have since she, and a few others could not even see the meaning of Spring in the winning entry, in comparison to the image Mai drew of her Grandmother.


Ayano - Ayano can mean of color, likely referring to Ayano's association with art.

Takeuchi - Takeuchi is a surname meaning bamboo house.


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