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Takagishi Azusa
高岸あずさ Takagishi Azusa
Takagishi Azusa
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceKibougahana
First AppearanceHPC16
Japanese Voice ActorOrikasa Fumiko

Takagishi Azusa (高岸あずさ Takagishi Azusa?) is a classmate of Tsubomi and Erika and the president of the Theater Club.



Azusa has short brown hair with bangs brushed to the side and soft brown eyes. Her normal attire consists of a magenta top with dark magenta sneakers and blue leggings with white lines on them.


Although at first it seems Erika and Azusa don't get along at all, this is far from the truth. They are very similiar in personalities, being young and passionate girls with a tempermental side that eventually pushed away their friends from the past.

While Azusa has the determination and spirit to back up her talents, she is a poor leader who could be extremely strict with the other members. She also refused to listen to them, but refused to admit it was her fault until being confronted and she was able to come to terms when she saw how much fun the Fashion Club had compared to her own.

Her true dream is to one day become a professional actress.


Threatened by the Fashion Club, she appears one day to challenge it to a contest to see whose club is better at designing clothes, wanting to prove that the Theater Club is just as good, if not better. However, due to her nature, the other members of the Theater club soon end up leaving. This is when Azusa's Heart Flower begins to blacken and Cobraja appears.



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