Sunny Fire Burning 2

Sunny Fire (サニーファイヤー Sanī Faiā?) (called Fire Spike/Sparkle Fire in Glitter Force and Sun Fireball in the Smile Warrior dub) is a basic finishing move that Cure Sunny uses. To use it, she needs to charge her Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit to make it glow and grant her power to perform the attack. This move requires plenty of energy to perform, making her feel exhausted after using it.

Sunny Fire is capable of successfully purifying Red and possibly Yellow Nose Akanbe monsters, but does not work against Blue Nose Akanbe.

In episode 40, Sunny uses a powered-up version of the attack, named Sunny Fire Burning (サニーファイヤーバーニング Sanī Faiā Bāningu?) or Sparkle Fire Inferno in Glitter Force.


Cure Sunny first charges up her Smile Pact with fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. When enough fighting spirit has been collected, the Smile Pact explodes in fire to form a fireball in the sky. Cure Sunny then does a run, jumps into the air, spins and blasts the fireball at the enemy in a volleyball spike.

In episode 10, it was shown that Sunny can perform the attack if she is already in mid-air, just that the preliminary run and jump are taken out of the sequence.

In episode 29, Cure Sunny uses Sunny Fire to speed up her go-cart during her race with Wolfrun.

Cure Sunny is camouflaged by fire and then flies into the sky with a fireball that gets bigger eventually punching it to the enemy. The fireball in this attack resembles the Sun, and is many times larger than the usual fireball. Sunny punches the fireball at the enemy instead of spiking it.

In episode 38, young Cure Sunny performs Sunny Fire. However, the fireball is too high for Sunny to reach.  After several attempts to jump high enough to get to it, the fire goes out.



Cure Sunny: プリキュアサニーファイヤー!


Cure Sunny: Purikyua Sanī Faiā!

Literal Translation

Cure Sunny: Pretty Cure Sunny Fire!

English Version

Glitter Sunny: Glitter Force Sparkle Fire!

Glitter Sunny: Glitter Force Fire Spike!




Sunny Fire (Cure Sunny) ~HD

Sunny Fire (Cure Sunny) ~HD

Sunny Fire Burning (Cure Sunny) ~HD

Sunny Fire Burning (Cure Sunny) ~HD