Shining Dream after using Starlight Solution.

Starlight Solution (スターライトソリューション Sutāraito Soryūshon?) is the finishing attack that Shining Dream used to defeat Mushiban in the movie Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday!. It needs the Starlight Fleuret to be used.


The Starlight Fleuret shoots out light of different colors while Shining Dream flies into the air. The lights surrounds Shining Dream and, pointing the Cure Fleuret at the villain, shoots at him. Shining Dream then separates into several light particles to follow the colorful lights. Each light particle hits the villain, and when they all have gone through him, they connect together to form Shining Dream again.



Shining Dream: プリキュア!スターライトソリューション!


Shining Dream: Purikyua! Sutāraito Soryūshon!


Shining Dream: Pretty Cure! Starlight Solution!


Cure Shining Dream01:47

Cure Shining Dream

Attack starts from 1:16


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