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Spiral rings time png

Cure Bright and Cure Windy after getting their Spiral Rings.

The Spiral Rings are a special item in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. They are obtained in episode 24 from Moop & Foop.

The Spiral Rings are the items required to perform the attacks Spiral Heart Splash (as Bloom & Egret) and Spiral Star Splash (as Bright and Windy).

These items are very similar to the Rainbow Bracelets and the Sparkle Bracelets from the previous seasons.


A pink heart attached to a white base with a smaller white decorative heart in the center. Saki's is worn like a belt, while Mai's is like a bracelet. Saki's is attached to a white ornament accented in gold and pink and held around her waist on a light pink band that has a single, pale blue circle attached to it on each side of the waist. Mai's has accented of white, pink, and gold with a small piece attached to it.

As Cure Bright & Cure Windy, the Spiral Rings gain a five-point star instead of a heart ornament.


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