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Sparkling Shower (スパークリングシャワー Supākuringu Shawā?) is a finishing move that Cure Muse uses in Suite Pretty Cure♪. It requires the Cure Module along with Shiry's powers.



Cure Muse detaches her Cure Module on her chest and calls upon Shiry. Shiry lands on the space on the Cure Module and Muse materializes yellow bubbles using the Fairy Tone's powers before she plays a tune. The bubbles change into note-like forms and Muse declares the attack name before launching them into the Negatone. The bubbles surrounds the Negatone, encasing it in a large bubble.

Cure Muse draws a triangle with her Cure Module and finishes the attack. A purification explosion occurs, purifying the Negatone back into a scattered note.



Cure Muse: おいで、シリー!
Shiry: シシー!
Cure Muse: シの音符のシャイニングメロディー。
Cure Muse: プリキュアスパークリングシャワー!
Cure Muse: 三拍子! 1・2・3!フィナーレ!


Cure Muse: Oide, Shirī.!
Shiry: Shishi!
Cure Muse: Shi no onpu no shainingu merodī.
Cure Muse: Purikyua Supākuringu Shawā!
Cure Muse: San byōshi!! Fināre!

Literal Translation

Cure Muse: Come here, Shiry!
Shiry: Shishi!
Cure Muse: The Shi note's shining melody.
Cure Muse: Pretty Cure Sparkling Shower!
Cure Muse: 3/4 beat! 1...2...3! Finale!





Cure Muse Sparkling Shower00:56

Cure Muse Sparkling Shower

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