This is a list of episodes in Smile Pretty Cure!

Episode # Title Villain Cure Decor Air Date
01 Tanjō! Egao Manten Kyua Happī!!
"Birth! Full of Smiles, Cure Happy!!"
Wolfrun Strawberry 2012-02-05

Whilst running late for the first day of her new school, the happy-go-lucky Hoshizora Miyuki encounters a fairy named Candy, who leaves behind a pink book. As Miyuki has trouble introducing herself to the class, her classmate, Hino Akane, helps her to break the ice. As Miyuki checks out the library later that day, she discovers a mysterious entrance, taking her to a strange place where she learns Candy is being chased by a wolf named Wolfrun, who starts making the people in the town fall into despair and steals their 'bad energy' with a goal of resurrecting an evil emperor named Pierrot. As Miyuki strives to protect Candy, she is given a magical item known as the Smile Pact, using it to transform into a Pretty Cure named Cure Happy. As Miyuki becomes reluctant to fight, Wolfrun summons a monster known as an Akanbe to fight against her, but with help from Candy, Miyuki manages to realize her power and defeat it, receiving an item known as a Cure Decor. As Wolfrun retreats and happiness returns to the townspeople, Miyuki decides to help Candy in her quest to recover Cure Decors and save her kingdom.

02 Moero! Nekketsu Kyua Sanī ya de!!
"Burn Up! It's hot-Blooded Cure Sunny!!"
Wolfrun Rose 2012-02-12

After hearing from Candy that she needs to gather four more Cures, Miyuki mentions it to Akane and her other classmate, Kise Yayoi, though Akane turns down the idea to focus on her volleyball. Later that day, Miyuki notices Akane downhearted over a volleyball slump, so she decides to help her practice. However, during Akane's volleyball match the next day, Wolfrun appears to steal their bad energy, creating a Volleyball Akanbe. Miyuki transforms to fight against it but loses energy when her finishing attack misses. When Akane realizes Miyuki is in trouble, she overcomes her despair and stands up to the Akanbe, gaining the power to transform into Cure Sunny and defeat the Akanbe. Afterwards, Miyuki and Akane decide to become good friends.

03 Jankenpon♪ de Kyua Pīsu
"Rock, Paper, Scissors♪ It's Cure Peace!!"
Akaoni Rabbit 2012-02-19

Having taken notice of her drawing talent, Miyuki and Akane nominate Yayoi to design a poster for a school contest. Yayoi herself doesn't have much confidence in her ability, but Miyuki and Akane encourage her to give it a try and agree to help. Yayoi eventually manages to finish the poster, but becomes downhearted when it doesn't win, making her a target for another villain, Red Oni, who makes an Akanbe from Yayoi's poster. As Miyuki and Akane end up exhausting themselves too early and struggle to fight against the Akanbe, Yayoi overcomes her fears and stands to protect them, gaining the power to become Cure Peace. Although she is still afraid of Akanbe, that fear comes out as an electric attack, which allows her to defeat the Akanbe.

04 Chokkyū Shōbu! Kaze no Kyua Māchi!!
"A Clear-Cut Match! Cure March of the Winds!!"
Akaoni Butterfly 2012-02-26

Impressed by her courage whilst standing up to some upperclassmen, Miyuki sees Midorikawa Nao as a potential Pretty Cure candidate. Wanting to get a chance to invite her to join, Miyuki ends up joining Nao to her home, where she meets her large family of siblings. As Akane and Yayoi join them to play some games, Red Oni appears, making Nao and her family miserable and creating a Goal Net Akanbe who takes Miyuki as hostage and targets Nao's family. As Nao becomes determined to protect her family, she gains the power to become Cure March and defeats the Akanbe.

05 Utsukushiki Kokoro! Kyua Byūtī!!
"Beautiful Heart! Cure Beauty!!"
Majorina Phone 2012-03-04

With one more Cure to find, Miyuki decides it should be the student council vice president, Aoki Reika. How, Reika rejects the offer as she is busy preparing for a Fairy Tale Read-aloud with a neighboring elementary school as the president is absent with a cold. Miyuki and the others decide to help her out with the read-aloud, helping to create some props for the show : Snow White. However, during the show, a witch from the Bad End Kingdom named Majorina appears and creates a Mirror Akanbe which clones itself, causing the Cures to waste their power. When Majorina starts wrecking the puppets for the show, Reika stands against her and becomes the fifth Cure, Cure Beauty, figuring out who the real Akanbe is and defeating it. After finishing up the show, Reika accepts the offer of becoming friends of Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi, and Nao.

06 Chīmu kessei! Sumairu Purikyua!!
"Team Formation! Smile Pretty Cure!!"
Majorina Star 2012-03-11

The gang is visited by Candy's older brother, Pop, who takes them to the mysterious library Miyuki discovered before. He then proceeds to explain about his homeland, Märchenland, was invaded by Pierrot, who stole the Cure Decors, sealing them away in the noses used to summon Akanbe. Using the last of her strength, the Queen of Märchenland sealed Pierrot away, requiring the Cure Decors to be restored. As Miyuki randomly decides that the team needs a catchphrase, Majorina appears to cause trouble in the park. As the girls warp to the location, Miyuki was accidentally sent to the South Pole when her mind focuses on penguins. After Pop helps to bring her back, Miyuki decides to dub her team the Smile Pretty Cure. As Majorina brings out a Drink Can Akanbe, Pop transforms into a giant can crusher to help the Cures defeat the Akanbe. Afterwards, Pop returns to Märchenland, leaving behind the Decor Décor to store the Cure Decors.

07 Doko na no? Watashitachi no himitsu kichi!?
"Where is it? Our secret base!?"
Wolfrun Ring 2012-03-18

Realizing more privacy is needed when discussing Pretty Cure matters, Miyuki suggests to the others that they need a secret hideout. Feeling the mysterious library doesn't fit their tastes, each of the girls suggests their own ideas for a hideout, each turning out to have huge flaws. Miyuki remembers a hideout she went to during her childhood, only to find two girls have since made it into their own secret base. Just then, Wolfrun appears and creates a Tree Akanbe, but the Cures manage to defeat it. Afterwards, they come to realize the mysterious library is the most suitable place after all. With some help from the Star Decor, they soon turn the place into the perfect secret base.

08 Miyuki to Kyandi ga irekawa~ru!?
"Miyuki and Candy Switch Places~!?"
Majorina Sakura 2012-03-25

On their way to school, Miyuki and Candy find a pair of strange rings Majorina lost which attach themselves to them, causing them to switch bodies. Unable to figure out how to get the rings off, Candy has to fill in for Miyuki during classes, causing chaos with her childlike behavior. After Miyuki scolds her for embarrassing her, Candy runs off and is targeted by Majorina, who creates an Akanbe from a playground ride which proves too fast for the other Cures to handle. As Candy stands to defend Miyuki, she apologizes and manages to become 'Cure Candy', proving to be the perfect size to defeat the Akanbe whilst the others manage to retrieve a potion from Majorina to remove the rings and return Miyuki and Candy back to normal.

09 Uso~! Yayoi ga tenkō!?
"It can't be~! Yayoi is changing schools!?"
Akaoni Pudding 2012-04-01

On April Fools' Day, Yayoi makes up a lie that she is being transferred to another school the next day. However, Miyuki takes it seriously and spreads the rumor to the others, with Yayoi finding herself unable to tell them it was a lie. The lie soon ends up escalating across the whole class, who throw a farewell party for Yayoi, making it harder for her to tell the truth out of fear of losing her friends. Just then, Red Oni appears and creates an Roller Akanbe, using lies to throw off the Cures guards and bringing Yayoi's lie to light. After some encouragement from Miyuki, Yayoi comes clean about her lie to the relief of the others before defeating the Akanbe. After Yayoi apologizes to the rest of the class, the other girls play a little prank on her.

10 Nekketsu! Akane no okonomiyaki jinsei!!
"Hot-blooded! Akane's okonomiyaki life!!"
Wolfrun Umbrella 2012-04-08

When her father ends up injuring his back, putting him out of action with a neighborhood association dinner coming up, Akane decides to help run her family's okonomiyaki restaurant. However, she becomes a bit concerned that her okonomiyaki isn't as good as her father's and enlists the help of the other girls to try and find his purported 'secret ingredient'. As Akane struggles to find a recipe she is happy with, Wolfrun appears and creates a Sauce Akanbe to fight the Cures whilst scarfing down okonomiyaki. Akane soon comes to realize the secret behind okonomiyaki's taste is the feelings put into it and manages to defeat the Akanbe, soon finding her own okonomiyaki to be a hit with the customers.

11 Purikyua ga Chīsaku na~ru!?
"The Pretty Cures Have Shrunk~!?"
Majorina Lipstick 2012-04-15

Upon finding a mysterious mallet pertaining to a folk tale about making a pin-sized warrior big, it turns out to be another invention Majorina lost which Candy inadvertently uses to shrink the girls. Now in miniature size, the girls must navigate giant-sized obstacles to try and recover the mallet from Candy, which proves particularly difficult for Nao as she has a fear of bugs. However, she becomes less shy around bugs after a group of woodlice help save her life and look after her. As Nao understands how bugs work together, Majorina finds them, taking Bad Energy from the bugs and summoning a Dandelion Akanbe. Understanding the need to protect the bugs, Nao overcomes her fear and manages to defeat the Akanbe with the other Cures. As Majorina attempts to squish them instead, she inadvertently returns them to normal size.

12 Mezameru chikara! Reinbō Hīringu!!
"The Awakened Power! Rainbow Healing!!"
Wolfrun Miracle Jewel Decors 2012-04-22

As the girls prepare to go on a school trip to Kyoto and Osaka, Candy becomes upset when she isn't invited. Meanwhile, Pierrot's right hand man, Joker, gives Wolfrun, Red Ogre and Majorina special blue noses which doesn't require Cure Decors to summon Akanbe. Candy tries her hardest to help the girls plan their trip, only to make things worse. She runs off, feeling she is unwanted, and gets captured by Wolfrun. Wolfrun then confronts the girls and uses the blue nose to summon a Gumball Akanbe, which proves resilient against the Cures' attacks. As the Cures find themselves helpless, Candy breaks free and, upon hearing the kind words of the Cures, brings forth new Decors which allow the Cures to perform a new attack, Rainbow Healing, to defeat the Akanbe. With their team powered up, the girls decide to take Candy along with them on their trip.

13 Shūgaku Ryokō! Miyuki, Kyōto de Donzoko Happī!?
"School excursion! Miyuki's happiness reaches its limit in Kyoto!?"
Akaoni - 2012-04-29

The girls arrive in Kyoto and Miyuki's initial excitement soon dwindles when she encounters a constant string of bad luck. As Miyuki's bad luck continues onto the next day, Red Ogre appears and creates a blue-nosed Bad Luck Akanbe, who proves to be even worse luck for Miyuki as she ends up losing her Smile Pact, needed to perform Rainbow Healing. As Miyuki feels she is to blame for rubbing her bad luck on everyone, her friends encourage her and her Smile Pact returns to her, allowing the Cures to defeat the Akanbe. Afterwards, Miyuki's bad luck finally comes to an end.

14 Shūgaku Ryokō! Osaka de Maigo ni Nacchatta!?
"School excursion! Lost in Osaka!?"
Majorina - 2012-05-06

As the class arrives in Osaka for the second part of their trip, Miyuki, Yayoi, and Candy end up getting separated from Akane, Nao, and Reika. As Miyuki and Yayoi decide to follow the guide they got and experience the delights of Osaka, encountering some polite locals along the way, the others end up having to miss most of everything in order to search for them. Just then, Majorina appears and creates a blue-nosed Akanbe from a radio tower with Miyuki and Yayoi trapped inside. Using one of the Cure Decors, Akane, Nao, and Reika are given butterfly wings, allowing them to rescue Miyuki and Yayoi and defeat the Akanbe.

15 Dotabata! Miyuki no haha no hi no daisakusen!!
"Slapstick! Miyuki's Mother's Day challenge!!"
Wolfrun Juice 2012-05-13

Miyuki realizes she has forgotten to prepare a present for her mother for Mother's Day. To make up for it, Miyuki decides to help around the house, but ends up making a lot of mistakes. She instead decides to try her hand at a hand-made necklace, though doesn't have much faith that the finished product is good enough. Just then, Wolfrun appears and creates a Carnation Akanbe. Miyuki gets upset when her necklace gets broken in the fight, but her friends remind her that it's the thought that counts and together they defeat the Akanbe. Afterwards, Miyuki gives the necklace to her mother, who truly appreciates it.

16 Reika no nayami! Dōshite benkyō suru no!?
"Reika's troubles! Why do I study!?"
Akaoni Banana 2012-05-20

When asked what she studies for, Reika comes to realize she in uncertain what she wants to do in the future. After speaking with her grandfather, she decides to quit the student council, archery club, her studies, and being a Pretty Cure in order to find out what she wants to do in her life. She spends some time with the other girls, observing what they enjoy doing with themselves whilst thinking about what she wants to do herself. Just then, Red Oni appears and creates a Textbook Akanbe which punishes the Cures for getting questions wrong. Luckily, Reika arrives on the scene and begins hitting the Akanbe back with correct answers. Deciding she wants to keep doing what she's been doing until she knows what she wants to do, Reika gains the resolve to defeat the Akanbe.

17 Nekketsu! Akane no owarai jinsei!!
"Hot-blooded! Akane's comedian life!!"
Majorina Sports Cup 2012-05-27

Akane and Miyuki prepare to enter a comedy contest, judged by comedy duo Fujiwara. On the day of the contest, the girls get to meet the Fujiwara duo, Toshifumi Fujimoto and Takayuki Haranishi, who suggest that they enter together as a five-girl group. As the girls get on stage following a poor attempt by Wolfrun and Red Oni, they get nervous and mess up their routine, which in its own way gets the crowd laughing. As Fujiwara goes on stage, Majorina uses special rings on them which takes away their one-liners, causing their routine to fall flat and providing an opportunity for her to harness bad energy. She then uses both red and blue noses to summon a pair of Fujiwara Akanbe to overwhelm the Cures. However, Fujiwara manages to snap out of their funks and use their comedy to help Akane and the other Cures defeat the Akanbe. Afterwards, the duo manage to finish their performance and promise to keep the Cures' secret safe.

18 Nao no omoi! Baton ga Tsunagu Minna no Kizuna!!
"Nao's feelings! Everyone's bonds connected by a baton!!"
Akaoni - 2012-06-03

As the class shows little enthusiasm for the sports festival, Nao nominates herself and the other girls to run for the relay team. Yayoi doesn't have much confidence in her running ability, but cheers up when Nao states she wanted to run together with everyone. The girls soon start training themselves for the competition and gradually they improve. However, when Yayoi overhears some other students badmouthing her, she loses her confidence again. As the day of the sports festival comes and Yayoi still has doubts, Red Oni appears and summons a blue-nosed Basket Akanbe, soon culminating in a tug of war with the Cures. As Nao sounds out her desire to work as a team, Yayoi regains her confidence and helps the others defeat the Akanbe. As the relay race kicks off, Yayoi gets support from the rest of the class and pass on the baton. However, Nao falls at the last hurdle and comes in last, but her friends still commend her for not giving up til the end.

19 Papa, arigatō! Yayoi no takaramono
"Thank you Papa! Yayoi's treasure"
Wolfrun Cherry 2012-06-10

As the class is asked to research the meaning behind their names, Yayoi laments that she doesn't remember much about her late father who named her. As she ponders about why she was given her name, she has flashes of a certain place but can't seem to remember where. As she remain uneasy, she sees her mother, Chiharu, who shows Yayoi the origami she had made for Father's Day, which he kept as important treasure. Just then, Wolfrun appears and makes a Fox Akanbe from Yayoi's origami. As Yayoi struggles to bring herself to fight the Akanbe, she ends up at the place from her visions, a church that she went to with her father, where he told her the meaning of her name. Filled with memories of her father, Yayoi gathers the strength to defeat the Akanbe.

20 Tōmei ningen? Miyuki to Akane ga mienakuna~ru!?
"Invisible People? Miyuki and Akane Become Invisible~!?"
Majorina - 2012-06-24

Candy finds a strange camera, which turns out to be another invention by Majorina which turns Miyuki and Akane invisible. As Candy searches for where she left the camera, Miyuki and Akane try to get through school without having their invisibility discovered. Meanwhile, Majorina finds the camera and turns herself invisible, turning Miyuki and Akane back to normal so no one can see her and causing mischief before summoning a Jack-in-the-Box Akanbe and turning it invisible too. However, Reika manages to use her powers to make it snow, revealing the Akanbe and allowing the Cures to defeat it. As Joker takes an interest in Candy's ability, she inadvertently finds another invisibility camera.

21 Hoshi ni negai wo! Minna zu~tto issho!!
"A wish to the stars! Let everyone stay together for~ever!!"
Akaoni Sunflower 2012-07-01

Pop comes to visit the girls on Tanabata, which is similar to a custom on Märchenland in which wishes are made to a Pegasus. The girls decide to celebrate both holidays and spend time writing out wishes before going to watch a star shower. Just then, Red Oni appears and summons a Tanabata Akanbe. Combining their strengths, the Cures defeat the Akanbe and gain the final Decor they need. Just then, Joker appears before them, stealing the Decor Decór and all the Decors inside it and kidnapping Candy.

22 Ichiban taisetsu na mono tte, nāni?
"What is the most important thing?"
Joker - 2012-07-08

As the girls realize they still possess one Decor, which Miyuki had used as a Tanabata decoration, they travel to Märchenland, where they are confronted by Joker. The Cures attempt to fight off Joker, but he overwhelms them by turning their powers against them. As Joker obtains the last Decor and torments the Cures with how hopeless the situation, he is able to send them into despair and draw the last amount of Bad Energy he needs to revive Pierrot. As the girls lament how they are scared of what will happen now, Miyuki suggests everyone think on their own about what is most important to them. As they each think about it, they read the tanzaku that Candy had written about them. With their resolve strengthened, the girls prepare to venture to the Bad End Kingdom to rescue Candy, whilst Joker uses the last of the Bad Energy to revive Pierrot.

23 Piēro fukkatsu! Purikyua zettai zetsumei!!
"Pierrot revived! Pretty Cure in a desperate situation!!"
- 2012-07-15

The Cures arrive at the Bad End Kingdom where they are confronted by Wolfrun, Red Oni, Majorina and Joker. After making a promise that everyone will return home safely, Akane, Yayoi, Nao, Reika and Pop decide to fight against them whilst Miyuki goes to rescue Candy, coming up against a yellow nosed Rock Akanbe. Although initially overwhelmed, the Cures' faith in their friends allow them to overcome their opponents, allowing them to recover Candy and the Decors. As the Cures find the Decor Decór doesn't seem to do anything with all the Decors inside, Emperor Pierrot reveals himself. Just as the Cures are overwhelmed by Pierrot's power, the Decor Decór glows and the Cures are contacted by the Queen of Märchenland, who grants them the power of the Princess Candles, allowing them to evolve into their new Princess Forms and defeat Pierrot.

24 Purikyua ga yōsei ni nacchatta, miyu~!?
"The Pretty Cure become fairies-miyu~!?"
Wolfrun Dress

Noticing the Royal Queen hasn't woken up yet, the girls decide to explore Märchenland. So as to not frighten the inhabitants, Pop transforms the girls into fairies. As Pop tries to figure out the reason why the Queen hasn't fully revived, the girls meet some of the various inhabitants. Although they become wary when the spell wears off, they soon become friends. They soon tell the girls about the Miracle Jewels, said to grant any wish. Meanwhile, Joker retrieves Pierrot, who had been reduced to an egg-like form following his defeat, and gives Wolfrun a new type of Akanbe Nose, which he uses to create a more powerful Gingerbread House Super Akanbe. As the Cures stand to protect the hopes of Märchenland's citizens, they are once again able to summon the Princess Candles and defeat the Super Akanbe, earning two new Decors. Afterwards, the Royal Queen contacts the Cures telepathically and explains that, since she used the power from the previous Decors to grant the Cures the Princess Form, they will need to fill up the Decor Decór once again in order to revive her.

25 Natsu da! Umi da! Akane to Nao no ijippari taiketsu!!
"It's summer! It's the sea! Akane and Nao's obstinate showdown!!"
Akaoni Macaron
Sports Cup

As Summer rolls in, Miyuki heads down to the beach to help out Akane's okonomiyaki stand, who is competing against Nao's shaved ice stand being assisted by Reika. Even after work is finished, Akane and Nao's fierce rivalry leads them to continue to compete with each other. Just then, Red Oni arrives and summons a Shaved Ice Super Akanbe, with Akane and Nao's stubbornness causing them to get in each others way, leading Miyuki, Yayoi and Reika to get captured. Desiring to save their friends, Akane and Nao combine their powers to free the others, allowing them to defeat the Super Akanbe. Inspired by their teamwork, Akane and Nao start selling their okonomiyaki and shaved ice together.

26 Natsu matsuri! Yozora ni saku ōkina hana!
"Summer festival! Huge flower blooming in the night sky!"
Majorina Elephant

The girls take Candy with them to experience a summer festival. As they try out the various stands, Majorina also tries them out for herself, though doesn't quite see the fun of it. When Candy goes to check out a stall herself, she ends up being mistaken for a doll and put as a prize on a hoopla stand, requiring the girls to win her back. Just then, Majorina reveals herself and summons a Matsuri Super Akanbe, which the Cures then defeat. After the battle, the girls find a viewing spot for the fireworks.

27 Natsu no fushigi!? Obā-chan no takaramono
"Summer magic!? Grandma's treasure"
Wolfrun Piano

Miyuki and the others go to the mountains to visit her grandmother, Tae, who influenced her love of stories with tales of friendly creatures. When asked by Miyuki why she doesn't just come to live with her, Tae replies that she likes where she is as her 'secret treasure' is here. The next day, Wolfrun appears but finds he cannot draw Bad Energy from Tae as she doesn't feel despair at all. Irritated, he summons an Incense Super Akanbe to try and destroy her house. As it launches a fireball headed straight for the house, a mysterious gust of strong wind blows it out, believed to be the aid of the creatures from Tae's stories, giving the Cures a chance to defeat the Super Akanbe.

28 Uso? Honto? Obake nanka kowakunai!
"Lies? Truth? I'm not afraid of ghosts!"
Majorina Melon

Noticing that both Miyuki and Nao have a fear of ghosts, Akane suggests they all have a test of courage at the school to help them get over their fears. Catching onto this, Majorina puts the school under the spell of a Super Akanbe. As Reika takes everyone on a tour of supposedly haunted spots, Miyuki and Nao are confronted by lifelike horrors, although the others don't believe them. Soon, the entire school changes shape, and the girls soon realize this is the work of Majorina. With the entire school possessed by a Super Akanbe, Miyuki and Nao are scared left and right, which ends up causing the Super Akanbe to laugh, giving the Cures the means to escape. Finding the Akanbe can't actually move, the Cures defeat it with ease. Afterwards, the girls remember something much scarier than any ghost; their unfinished summer homework.

29 Purikyua ga gēmu ni suikoma~ru!?
"The Pretty Cure are su~cked into a game!?"

Whilst threating over their summer homework, the girl's stumble upon another of Majorina's inventions and get sucked into a game world. Discovering Majorina, Wolfrun and Red Oni had also been sucked into the same world, the Cures are challenged to a series of games that they must complete in order to escape and finish their homework. First up, Miyuki goes against Majorina in a game of whack-a-mole and, despite facing unfair odds, manages to win. Next up, Akane faces Wolfrun in a go-kart race and manages to win despite Wolfrun's dirty tactics, followed by Yayoi managing to beat Akaoni at bowling. Nao then wins at baseball whilst Reika succeeds in swimming. As they finally progress through the other events to the final stage, the Cures are tasked with riding a Ferris Wheel Super Akanbe and trying to retain their positive attitude when faced with depressing visions of their lack of studies. Despite the others becoming depressed, Reika retains her composure and manages to cheer everyone else up by offering to help them study. The Cures then defeat the Akanbe and return to the real world, though still have to face the consequences of not finishing their homework on time.

30 Hon no tobira de sekai isshū dairyokō!!
"A big trip around the world through book doors!!"
Akaoni Sakura

Feeling they haven't done enough during their summer vacation, Miyuki suggests they take advantage of the Mysterious Library to travel around the world. The girls take a trip through various locations such as Versailles, Taiwan, Mongolia, The Great Wall of China and New York. As the girls wrap up their trip in the Amazon, they are confronted by Akaoni who brings out a Pirhana Super Akanbe which swallows Candy and the Cure Decors. With the Cures struggling underwater, Candy uses the Decor Decór and the Dolphin Decor to turn the Cures into mermaids, allowing them to rescue Candy and defeat the Akanbe, earning the final Decors they need. Upon completing the Decor Decór again, a mysterious new item called the Royal Clock appears.

31 Roiyaru kurokku to Kyandi no himitsu!!
"The secret of the Royal Clock and Candy!!"
Strawberry 2012-09-16
Wondering how Royal Clock works, the girls share one biscuit among themselves. When arguing who gets the biggest bite, Pop arrived to guide what is the Royal Clock and what is momentousness. Meanwhile Joker show the three generals a new black ball which will create Hyper Akanbe to defeat the Pretty Cures. He ordered Wolfrun to use the black ball to battle them. Pop explained the Royal Clock is linked to the Royale Queen's revival. The Royal Clock activated by itself and they saw an image of the Royale Queen. She told the girls in order to use Royal Clock, it will require the Pretty Cures and Candy's strength to use their new power. Wolfrun appears and started to suck Bad Energy, and created Hyper Akanbe. Hyper Akanbe was too strong for the Pretty Cures, and defeated them. Joker finds Candy and trapped her in to a Crystal Ball. She goes to the place where everything was wonderful, but she recognized that Cures will be hurt and got out of there. She activated the Royal Clock, which turns Hyper Akanbe to normal Akanbe. Cure Happy uses Happy Shower, and destroyed the Akanbe, and gathered new Decor. When everything was all right, Joker appears and captures Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika into Crystal Ball. Miyuki, Candy and Pop where shocked.
32 Kokoro wo hitotsu ni! Purikyua no aratanaru chikara!!
"Hearts as one! The Pretty Cures' new power!!"
Joker Elephant 2012-09-23
With her friends stuck in the Ball of Neglect by Joker, Miyuki and Candy go in to save them while going through her own neglect.
33 Eigamura de jidaigeki degozaru!? no maki!
"Story! A period drama in the movie village-degozaru!?"
Akaoni Banana 2012-09-30
The Cures decide to help out with a movie starring.....Pop!!!???
34 Icchi danketsu! Bunkasai de mirakuru fasshon shō!!
"All together! Miracle fashion show at the culture festival!!"
Majorina Angel 2012-10-07
Miyuki wants to do a picture book theme fashion show for her class in the culture festival, but fellow classmate, Toyashima refuses to get involved.
35 Yayoi, chikyū wo mamore! Purikyua ga robo ni na~ru!?
"Yayoi, Protect the Earth! A Pretty Cure Became a Robot!?"
One of Majorina's inventions unwittingly turned Happy into a robot. A big robot battle starts.
36 Nekketsu!? Akane no hatsukoi jinsei!!
"Hot-blooded!? Akane's first love life"
Wolfrun Star 2012-10-21
Akane falls in love with an oversea transfer student named Brian.
37 Reika no nayami! Kiyoki kokoro to kiyoki ippyō!!
"Reika's worry! A noble heart and a noble vote!!"
Wolfrun Balloon 2012-10-28
Reika runs for Student Council President, but is unsure that she can win. So Miyuki helps her.
38 Hassuru Nao! Purikyua ga kodomo ni na~ru!?
"Hustling Nao! The Pretty Cures Become Kids~!?"
Majorina Candy 2012-11-11
Majorina turns the girls into children and plunges the city in a Bad End reality.
39 Dou nacchau no!? Miyuki no hachamecha Shinderera
"What has happened!? Miyuki's nonsensical Cinderella"
Ring 2012-11-18
Miyuki is sucked into the Cinderella fairytale, and makes it her goal to create a Happy Ending.
40 Nekketsu! Akane no takara sagashi jinsei!!
"Hot-blooded! Akane's search of treasure life!!"
Wolfrun Chick 2012-11-25
Akane takes part in an essay competition to write a story on "My Treasure", and goes on a search to find out what her own treasure is.
41 Watashi ga mangaka!? Yayoi ga kaku shōrai no yume!!
"Me, a comic artist!? Yayoi's illustrated future dreams!!"
Akaoni Umbrella 2012-12-02
Yayoi takes part in a comic convention with her own comic series starring Miracle Peace.
42 Mamorinuke! Nao to kazoku no taisetsu na kizuna!!
"Protect it! Nao's precious bonds with family!!"
Majorina Dog 2012-12-09
Nao's mother is hospitalized to deliver her 7th child. While taking care of the other siblings, Nao decides to make her mother's famous curry for lunch. However, she forgets to buy an essential ingredient, the apples, and little siblings Hina and Yuuta decides to run to the greengrocer's on their own to get it for her. On the way, they are captured by Majorina in order to lure Nao out to battle.
43 Reika no michi! Watashi, ryūgaku shimasu!!
"Reika's Path! I will go abroad for studies!!"
Joker Pudding 2012-12-16
Reika has been selected to go for a year-long study abroad program at England. Although she has been dreaming about this chance, it also means that she can no longer be a part of Pretty Cure, especially when she learns that she has to leave 1 month later. Meanwhile, Joker reasons that he has to defeat the group's brains, Cure Beauty, to win the rest. He decides to attack Reika while she is torn between her dream to study abroad and her duty as Pretty Cure.
44 Egao no himitsu! Miyuki to hontō no Urutora Happī!!
"A smile's secret! Miyuki and the real Ultra Happy!!"
Wolfrun Butterfly 2012-12-23
Miyuki spots a girl at the train station, one who taught her the importance of smiles. Long ago, Miyuki was a lonely child, but after meeting this girl and going on adventures together, she gained the courage to make new friends. However, they parted without learning each others names. Now, Miyuki and the girls go on a search to find the girl, so Miyuki can pass her a fairytale book as a gift.
45 Owari no hajimari! Purikyua tai sankanbu!!
"The beginning of the end! Pretty Cure vs 3 Generals"
- 2013-01-06
The black egg containing Pierrot approaches Earth as the Royal Clock engulfs Candy, turning her into the Miracle Jewel. In order to capture the Miracle Jewel, Joker threatens the 3 Generals with their lives and sends them on a final battle with the Pretty Cure.
46 Saiaku no ketsumatsu!? Baddo Endo Purikyua!!
"The worst ending!? Bad End Pretty Cure"
Bad End Pretty Cure
- 2013-01-13
Using the 5 trump cards and a black nose, Joker creates the Bad End Pretty Cure, which resemble the 5 Cures. The Bad End Cures are battle machines seeking their own happiness, feeding on others misfortunes. The Cures go into battle against their Bad End counterparts, but are beaten down one by one.
47 Saikyō Piēro kōrin! Akiramenai chikara to kibō no hikari!!
"The advent of the strongest Pierrot! Persevering power and the light of hope!!"
Pierrot - 2013-01-20
After finding out that Candy is next in line for the throne of Märchenland, the Cures begin their final battle against Pierrot. During the battle, however, the evil clown covers their book in black paint, causing them to fall into despair and become completely hopeless. Can Candy save the girls before they are trapped in their sadness forever?
48 Hikari kagayaku mirai he! Todoke! Saikō no Sumairu!!
光り輝く未来へ!届け! 最高のスマイル!!
"To a future sparkling with light! Deliver it! The Highest Smile!!"
Pierrot - 2013-01-27
The battle between the newly ultra-powered Cures and Pierrot continues, with Pierrot proving to be even stronger, robbing the girls of their powers. Facing the inevitability of being separated from Candy, the girls regain their powers thanks to the Miracle Jewel and face off against him once more. Who will win?