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Dou nacchau no!? Miyuki no hachamecha shinderera
Smile Pretty Cure! episode 39
"What has happened!? Miyuki's nonsensical Cinderella"
Air date November 18, 2012
Episode Guide
Opening Let's go! Smile Pretty Cure!
Ending Mankai*Smile!
Directed by Mitsuzuka Masato
Written by Narita Yoshimi
Animated by Ueno Ken
Art design by Watanabe You
"What has happened!? Miyuki's nonsensical Cinderella" (どうなっちゃうの!?みゆきのはちゃめちゃシンデレラ Dou nacchau no!? Miyuki no hachamecha shinderera?) is the 39th episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, and also the 428th episode of the Pretty Cure all series.


Miyuki is sucked into the Cinderella Fairy Tale and attempts to give it, and herself a Happy Ending.


Miyuki was walking inside the library, but spots an unk

The book prepares to suck Miyuki.

nown book that was on the floor. Candy was curious along with Miyuki and opens the book. She sees that it was Cinderella and touches a page- but when she attempts to pull away she is instead yanked in, leaving Candy alone and curious.

Majorina happens to notice the Cinderella book has vanished.

The girls were in school talking and try to figure out why Miyuki is late when Pop appears to inform them that

"It-It's nothing-de gozaru," said Reika to hide Pop from the public.

a book has disappeared. Candy arrives to point out trying to know why Miyuki is late, but before they can resume the discussion, they are forced to cover Pop and Candy when the others in the room notice them.

On the roof, Pop showed the book where Miyuki got trapped and the girls saw a page within it that shows her cleaning. They think she looks happy when Pop explains that the book connected all the books of Cinderella through out the world and is made of her happiness. If someone with bad hands got a hold of it, it would ruin the story. They are then interrupted by Majorina, Wolfrun, and Akaoni and they run to get the book. Candy touched it and everyone is sent into it.


Miyuki upsets because her laundry being dirtied by Wolfrun.

Miyuki was smiling and thinking of her happy ending when the stepsisters, played by Wolfrun and Akaoni appear, along with the stepmother- played by Majorina. She was still cleaning and Wolfrun approaches, all muddy and dirtied the laundry. Miyuki angrily chews him out for it and resumes cleaning, this time in the hallway when Akaoni appears and makes a mess. Later she goes to cook but the stepmother came and made it poisonous and dirtied the kitchen.


Miyuki tells the part where the fairy would come to help her.

In the other world pop onserves how sad Miyuki feels. The stepsisters return, revealing their invitations to the ball that they got from the prince. The stepmother joins them and Miyuki is delighted until she reveals Miyuki isn't allowed to go. Her hopes are momentarily crushed, but she knows a fairy will save her and remains hopeful. Suddenly, Yayoi appears to play the role of fairy.


Yayoi summons her fake hand rod.

It was the day of the ball and the stepsister rush off, leaving Miyuki alone with Yayoi. Just then, Akane with Nao came to reveal they are mice. They break Yayoi free and Candy suddenly shows up, claiming she's a lizard. Yayoi took her magic wand out and uses Peace Thunder with it to make a dress for Miyuki. Then she turned Nao and Akane into horses and Candy into the person to guide them. As they head the palace Miyuki spots Wolfrun and watches as he breaks up the pumpkin she is riding. 


The page containing Miyuki (Cinderella) and Reika (Prince) dancing.

The prince, played by Reika, awaits for someone to come.

Despite being chased, Miyuki continues to make her way to the Palace. Reika came and took her hand and together they dance as Pop onserves the book. He is happy to see how happy the girls look but Miyuki notices she only has five minutes remaining and runs off- but not before making sure she grabs the abandoned shoe. She is chased by the others again, so Yayoi lends her a hand; only to get hit and caught by Reika. Miyuki loses her shoe and Wolfrun summons an Akanbe using it.


The page containing Cure Happy and the others in their own roles.

Miyuki had no choice but to fight it by herself because her friends forgot the Smile Pact. She transforms with three minutes left and the Akanbe was running. To help Miyuki, Candy uses the Sweet Decor and made many sweets to make the Akanbe feel dizzy. Miyuki transforms into Princess Happy then she used her new attack, Cinderella Happy Shower and the Akanbe; is pushed all the way back to the house from the power.

It was morning and it was time for Cinderella to wear the missing shoe. Everything returns to normal, leaving Majorina angry but Miyuki is left with a smile to see their happy ending.

Major Events

  • This is the last appearence of the red nose Akanbe, though this one has sharp teeth instead of tongue sticking out.
  • Princess Happy uses Cinderella Happy Shower for the first and only time.





Secondary Characters


  • This is the first time that Cure Happy transforms with the group catchphrase.
    • Also Cure Happy can transforms into Princess Happy by herself.
  • This is the fifth time the Akanbe eyecatch was shown. Unlike all the other times, which had the Tanoshi Yoichien ad play before it, ads for the Pretty Cure Uki Uki Nurie (Color Wonder) and Pretty Cure Himitsu Box, a stationary box, played before the eyecatch.
  • This is the second time Pretty Cure became Cinderella, after Yes Pretty Cure 5. It even mirrors episode YPC538.


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