"The Pretty Cure become fairies-miyu~!?" (プリキュアが妖精になっちゃった、みゆ~!? Purikyua ga yōsei ni nacchatta, miyu~!??) is the 24th episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, and also the 413th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. The English title is "The Story Continues".


The girls visit Marchenland after noticing the Royal Queen hasn't awoken yet. There they become fairies to avoid scaring the inhabitants. But unknown to them, Joker is working on awakening Pierrot and a new Akanbe nose is shown-off for the first time.



The Cures become fairies

The girls return to Märchenland with Pop and Candy, only to find that Royale Queen had not revived despite all the Cure Decors being gathered. They began to walk around the castle, but after he notices how afraid the guards are, due to their sizes, he uses his magic to make the group into fairies to match the rest of the inhabitants. With that they decide to have a tour of Märchenland.


The Cures change back to humans

While Pop was researching in the library, the girls were enjoying the sights of the village. When they arrived at a house made of candies, they went to eat it. However, a sneeze by Miyuki caused everyone to revert their human forms. The fairies were afraid at first, but after the girls offer them some candies and speak to them kindly, they are quick to become friends.

Meanwhile, Joker found the core of Pierrot and revived the three dead Bad End commanders. He suggested they collect more Bad End energy for Pierrot to revive again, and creates a Big Red Nose for them to defeat the Cures with.


The Cures get ready to fight the Super Akanbe

The girls heard from the fairies about the Miracle Jewels which could grant a user any wish. However, its whereabouts is unknown. Candy recalls Joker asking about this back when he captured her, when suddenly, Wolfrun appeared and stole the Bad End energy out of the frightened fairies.

He then used the Big Red Nose to turn the candy house into a Super Akanbe. The girls transform but the Akanbe was too strong for them and even absorbed their Happy Shower and Sunny Fire attacks. The Akanbe started going on a rampage and knocked everyone, including Wolfurun, down.


The girls meet Royale Queen

Shocked, the girls rise as they hear the despair of the fairies and continue to fight. The Princess Candles reappear and they use it to transform into their Princess Forms to defeat the Akanbe. It releases two Cure Decor pieces and they collect them as Wolfrun retreats.

After hearing the Royale Queen's voice they head back to the castle, where she speaks using telepathy and explained that the original Cure Decor pieces, which was supposed to revive her was instead given to Pegasus, so that the girls could attain Princess Form. She also reveals that Pierrot is still alive and they must work together to obtain the remaining Cure Decor to revive her.


Miyuki encourages her friends to work harder

Everyone was troubled with the thought of more battle, but Miyuki encouraged everyone to work harder and revive the Royale Queen. Agreeing with this resolution, they say goodbye to the fairies and Pop, and the girls, with Candy, return home.

Major Events

  • The Big Red Nose is created, and Super Akanbe is summoned for the first time.
  • It is revealed that there is more than 16 Cure Decor pieces.





Secondary Characters


  • This is the first time any full human in the Pretty Cure series have become like the mascots.
  • As this episode marks the beginning of the second half of the season, it is possible that this episode's plot mirrors the first episode from the first half of the season. In both episodes, Wolfrun is the main villain, who summoned a house-like Akanbe.
  • In this episode, the girls tried to speak like the fairies, by adding a signature phrase behind their sentences. Miyuki, Yayoi and Nao used variations of their names "~miyu", "~yayo" and "~nao" respectively. Akane used "~yanen", which is a common end phrase in the Kansai dialect, while Reika used "~desu", a reference to her usually polite personality.
  • The Puss in Boots fairy resembles Toei Animation's mascot cat in design.

Glitter Force edits

  • In Glitter Force, the Decor/Glitter Charms for this episode and the next are seen to make up for the ones that appeared in the omitted episodes.
  • Like Candy and Pop, the girls did not make fairy sounds at the end of their sentences, so dialogue is heavily altered. Emily suggested they should be called the Pixie Force, Lily suggests Glitter Pixies because it's even better, April thinks it sounds like a girl band. Emily asks Kelsey which name is cuter, but Kelsey says she doesn't do cute. Emily says "Yes, you do" to her.
  • References to Momotaro and the Honest Woodcutter are omitted from the dub.


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