"Invisible People? Miyuki and Akane Become Invisible~!?" (透明人間?みゆきとあかねがミエナクナ~ル!? Tōmei ningen? Miyuki to Akane ga mienakuna~ru!??) is the 20th episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, and also the 409th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. The English title is "See-U-No-More".


After another of Majorina's inventions go missing, Miyuki and Akane find themselves suddenly invisible after Candy finds it.


Miyuki, Akane, and Candy were walking to school when

Akane and Miyuki looking at themselves in a streetlight

Candy found a strange looking camera. She uses it to take a picture of the girls and suddenly they disappeared. However Candy could hear their voices still and begins to fret, thinking it's a ghost. At this time Akane looked at a mirror to see they are invisible.

Meanwhile Majorina found out her special camera was thrown away by Wolfrun and went to the Human world to retrieve it.

At school the girls try to get their friends for help. Candy has already found Reika, Nao, and Yayoi and claimed she heard ghosts after finding the camera. As this is going on the girls try to get in touch with their friends, freaking them out in the

Reika, Nao and Yayoi can't see Akane and Miyuki

process until they find sports gear nearby. They put them onto Akane and Miyuki in order to keep an eye on them and avoid causing any trouble, but this puzzles their teachers, who find the girls covered head-to-toe in the gear.

Later, the class plays basketball and Akane removes her gear in order to play. Nao is angered by the unfair advantage she was given, but Akane teases her over it.

However, with the good comes to the bad when the girls realize they are unable to hand in their homework despite being present and having it.

In Art Class they remove their head gear due to getting really warm, but this freaks Nao out as Yayoi tries to help them by drawing masks; but because she forgot some details they end up frightening some students and teacher.

Akane and Miyuki see Majorina

Meanwhile Majorina finds her camera at the police post and uses it on herself. Candy happened to witness this and she quickly locates the girls to warn them. By this point Majorina is at the park creating trouble, with Akane and Miyuki being the only ones who can see her.

She began to suck Bad End energy on the people in the park and used the camera on Miyuki and Akane, returning them back to normal. She uses it on herself again to make sure she remains invisible though, and she begins to play pranks on them until she can use a blue ball to change a

Akanbe dodging Akane's punch

nearby Jack-in-a-Box into an Akanbe.

The girls transform to fight, but unable to see it, it suddenly ambushes them. They struggle until Cure Beauty arrives to use Beauty Blizzard on the sky. This covers the park and exposes the Akanbe as the snow falls on it.

Cure Sunny begins fighting the Akanbe and knocks it back into Majorina, damaging the camera. With this opportunity the girls use Rainbow Healing to defeat it. Things return to normal and Majorina retreats as Joker is shown having watched. He decides to keep an eye on Candy before taking off.

Candy holding a camera

Candy shows the girls that she found a brand new camera just then. She taks a picture of Akane and Miyuki, but after finding out what it does to them she quickly runs off to avoid getting into trouble. To their confusion and stress- Miyuki and Akane learn they have turned invisible again.





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