A Fair Match! Cure March of the Winds!! (直球勝負!風のキュアマーチ!! Chokkyū shōbu! Kaze no Kyua Māchi!!?) is the 4th episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, and also the 393rd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. The English title is "Here Comes Glitter Spring!".


Impressed by her courage whilst standing up to some upperclassmen, Miyuki sees Nao Midorikawa as a potential Pretty Cure candidate. Wanting to get a chance to invite her to join, Miyuki ends up joining Nao to her home, where she meets her large family.


Hoshizora Miyuki helps Candy make her ears look like rabbit ears, but Miyuki soon realized that she was running late for school again.

Miyuki using the Cure Decor item to make Candy's ears look like a bunny rabbit.

Meanwhile at the Bad End Kingdom, Akaoni gets himself a new cloth, however, he was vaguely ready to attack the Pretty Cure.

At school, Kise Yayoi creates herself a lunchbox that looks like Candy. Two girls then interrupt Miyuki, Yayoi, and Akane saying that the three girls would have to move over but Midorikawa Nao came by and explained that the courtyard was for everyone. Seeing this, President Irie comes by and agrees with Nao saying that the spot belongs to everybody. The two girls then apologise to Miyuki and the others and walk off with the President. Aoki Reika was shown to have seen the situation.

When Nao starts her soccer practice, the girls see her running rapidly to score a goal. While the girls cheered for her; Miyuki wanted Nao to become the fourth Pretty Cure, but as she was about to go talk to Nao, a horde of girls gathered around her. Which meant that Miyuki was not able to talk to her as Nao had already left.

Kouta and Candy

Kouta, holding Candy as a doll.

The next day, since Miyuki still wanted to talk Nao, she left her house to find her, but she became lost since she does not know where Nao lives. Soon she starts panicking. Suddenly, Nao appears and sees this and asks if she was Miyuki. Nao then invites Miyuki to have lunch at her place. Next, Miyuki meets Nao's six siblings: Keita, Haru, Hina, Yuuta, and Kouta. While Nao prepares dinner, the siblings wanted to play with Miyuki. The siblings chased Miyuki before the toddler Kouta spotted Candy and tried to play with her, thinking that she was a plush toy. While playing, the siblings accidentally tossed Candy outside, making her dizzy.

An hour later, Miyuki and Nao watched the children play soccer by themselves when Akane and Yayoi, who was holding Candy, came
Cure march mugshot

March wondering what happened to her appearance

by because Miyuki had called them. The siblings challenged Miyuki, Akane, and Yayoi to a soccer match by using their bonds, but Akaoni interrupted to use the Bad Energy to weaken Nao and the siblings.

Miyuki, Akane, and Yayoi transformed into their Smile Pretty Cures. Cure Happy uses her Happy Shower to block Akanbe's attacks, but was captured by the Akanbe's net. Then, the Akanbe defeated Cure Sunny and Cure Peace. Nao tries to protect the siblings but is unable to until she transforms into a Pretty Cure.

As Cure March, she goes after the Akanbe, but she slightly runs too fast, making her crash into the pole. She fights the Akanbe, and uses her March Shoot to purify it. The team receive a butterfly Cure Decor, and Nao's siblings are free at last. With her new powers, Nao decides to join the others as a Pretty Cure.

Major Events

  • Miyuki's classmate Midorikawa Nao awakens her power in her desire to protect her younger siblings, changing her into Cure March and granting the power of March Shoot.





Secondary Characters


  • The girls are shown in their casual clothes for the first time.
  • Nao's family is revealed to consist of 6 siblings including herself, making her the first Smile! Cure whose family members are shown. The siblings are introduced as Keita, Haru, Hina, Yuuta and Kouta.
  • Nao and her siblings mistake Candy for a raccoon plushie.
  • Although Reika made a appearance in this episode, her voice actress did not recieve any lines. This by far is the only episode where Reika doesn't speak.


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