Burn up! It's Hot-Blooded Cure Sunny!! (燃えろ!熱血キュアサニーやで!! Moero! Nekketsu Kyua Sanī ya de!!?) is the 2nd episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, and also the 391st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. This episode shows Hino Akane's first transformation into Cure Sunny. The English title from Glitter Force is "Kelsey Gets A Makeover".


Miyuki attempts to convince Akane to join her as a Pretty Cure after being told by Candy that there will be more girls to join her. Akane refuses however, to focus on her volleyball - only to hit a slump not too long after.



Miyuki hugging Akane

After her transformation into Cure Happy, Miyuki is now officially a Pretty Cure. Candy tells her that there are a total of five Cures, causing Miyuki to fall backwards and hit her head from excitement. The search of the other team members begins.

At home, Miyuki and Candy were pretending to be greetings from Märchenland. Until, Candy's stomach growls and she uses a Decor Décor for a strawberry.

During Gym Class, Miyuki decides someone kind-hearted like Yayoi, and the energetic Akane would be perfect Pretty Cure. But when she tells them, the girls are confused and don't understand. Candy, who is hiding behind a bush hears this and throws herself into Miyuki, taking her somewhere a little futher away, warning Miyuki that "not everyone can become Pretty Cure".

Upon finding Miyuki a little bit later, Akane turns down the offer stating that she is busy with the volleyball club.

Later, when Miyuki goes to watch and support Akane during her volleyball practice trials, Akane seems to not be doing her best. Two girls beside Miyuki doubt if Akane really is the ace, saying that they thought that Yuka, the current volleyball ace, was better. Miyuki, looking back at Akane, sees that she looks frustrated.


Miyuki offering to help Akane

After school, Miyuki sees Akane working hard underneath the upcoming bridge. She thinks that Akane is crying and goes to check on her, but Akane refuses this accusation by saying she isn't sad. Miyuki offers her support and she begins to help with training.

The next day, Miyuki goes to support Akane again at the volleyball practice trials. Just as Akane delivers powerful attacks at the opposing team, Wolfrun appears to collect Bad Energy and causes everyone to fall into despair. Miyuki changes into Cure Happy when Wolfrun creates a giant volleyball  Akanbe to go after her.

Unable to fight properly, Cure Happy is in a pinch when Akane wakes up. Identifying Miyuki, she risks herself to help

Akane performing Sunny Fire

her friend, and thus gains her Smile Pact and transforms into Cure Sunny. With her strength and desire to help, Sunny easily defeats the Akanbe by using Sunny Fire, saving another Cure Decor piece.

When Wolfrun takes off and things begin to return to normal, a strong friendship starts to form between Miyuki and Akane, and Miyuki expresses how happy she is that Akane can be a Pretty Cure with her.

Major Events

  • Miyuki discovers the powers of the Cure Decor to assist Candy.
  • Hino Akane is attempted to be recruited to the Cures by Miyuki.
  • Akane's desire to protect Miyuki leads to the awakening of her power, allowing her to become Cure Sunny and access her personal move, Sunny Fire.





Secondary Characters


  • Both the cheer song (Played when Akane plays volleyball) and the theme of Chypre and Coffret (Played when Candy is eating a giant strawberry summoned by the Smile Pact) from Heartcatch Pretty Cure! were played during this episode.
  • Akane mistakenly calls Pretty Cure "kiripura" when rejecting Miyuki's offer, and later as "kyuapuri" just before she transforms. She also mistakes Candy's ending phrase "~kuru" to be part of a complete sentence.
  • This episode coincidentally aired on Tano Asami (The seiyuu for Cure Sunny)'s birthday.


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