Skyrose Translate! (スカイローズトランスレイト! Sukairōzu Toransureito!?) is the official transformation phrase used by Milky Rose in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. To activate the transformation, Kurumi needs to be in her human form, and requires her Milky Palette.

Transformation Phrases


Kurumi: スカイローズ・トランスレイト!
Milky Rose: 青いバラは秘密のしるし!ミルキィローズ!


Kurumi: Sukairōzu・Toransureito!
Milky Rose: Aoi bara wa himitsu no shirushi! Mirukī Rōzu!

English Translation

Kurumi: Skyrose・Translate!
Milky Rose: The blue rose is the symbol of secrets! Milky Rose!


A large blue rose first blooms and turns into the Milky Palette, which Kurumi grabs with her left hand. Using the Palette Pen, she taps on the leftmost white screen, then the three large buttons on the Palette's bottom row in sequence. This causes the rightmost white screen to shine. Kurumi then crosses her arms and shouts out the transformation phrase "Skyrose Translate!", causing her body to shine and blue roses to bloom at her feet.

All the blue roses explode in a storm of petals, and Kurumi is seen in their midst, her body shining with purple light. She crosses her arms in front of her chest, and petals surround them to form her arm protectors. She spins around as the petals come to form her skirt, then her shoes. Lastly, the petals form her top, and the two ribbons in her hair explode in petals which then forms her rose tiara as her hair visibly lengthens.

Milky Rose opens her eyes and speaks her introductory speech, using her right hand to create the blue rose on her top. She then spins around, introduces her name, and the remaining petals floating around turn into fully bloomed blue roses.


  • This is the second individual transformation after "Luminous! Shining Stream!".
    • If one counts all the transformation phrases without the word "Pretty Cure" in it, it would be the fourth.
  • Many different versions of beginning sequences have been shown for Milky Rose's transformation, each featuring her in different clothes, including casual clothes, apron dress, traditional Japanese wear, mermaid costume, Arabian costume, summer outfiit, Santa outfit and school uniform.



Yes Precure 5 Gogo Milky Rose transformation HD00:41

Yes Precure 5 Gogo Milky Rose transformation HD

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