The Shiny Tambourine (シャイニータンバリン Shainī Tanbarin?) is Cure Sunshine's main weapon, it made its debut in episode 24. It is the device which allows her to use her purification attack Gold Forte Burst and can form a sun-like energy ball to utilize the group finisher Shining Fortissimo with the help of Cure Blossom and Cure Marine. Unlike the Flower Tacts, the Shiny Tambourine is not named after Sunshine and it does not have Forte Wave for an attack name. She summons the Shiny Tambourine with Gather, Power of Flowers! (集まれ、花のパワー! Atsumare, hana no pawā!?).


The Shiny Tambourine is a white tambourine shaped like a sunflower with a row of gem hearts circling it, alternating between yellow and orange. At the center is an orange ring with four glowing light sections, two of gold, one red, and one orange. At the bottom of the tambourine center is an orange heart-shape.



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