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Shining Circle (シャイニングサークル Shainingu Sākuru?) is one of Cure Muse's attacks from Suite Pretty Cure♪. She calls forth Shiry and she creates a star around her enemy.


Cure Muse detaches the Cure Module on her chest and calls upon Shiry. Shiry lands on the space on the Cure Module and while playing a tune, Muse makes four projections of herself that surround the enemy. Extending the hand that holds the Module, the other projections do the same. A blue beam of light comes from the real Shiry's gem and connects the other four in a star seal that surrounds the enemy in the center. Calling out the attack name, white light comes from the center, trapping the enemy inside.



Cure Muse: おいで、シリー!
Shiry: シシー!
Cure Muse: シの音響のシャイニングメロディー。
Cure Muse: プリキュアシャイニングサークル!


Cure Muse: Oide, Shirī!
Shiry: Shishi!
Cure Muse: Shi no onpu no shainingu merodī.
Cure Muse: Purikyua Shainingu Sākuru!

Literal Translation

Cure Muse: Come here, Shiry!
Shiry: Sisi!
Cure Muse: The Si note's shining melody.
Cure Muse: Pretty Cure Shining Circle!



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Pretty Cure Shining Circle-0

Shining Circle