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Shibata Risa
柴田リサ Shibata Risa
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorLight brown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceKibougahana
First AppearanceHPC12
Japanese Voice ActorAsada Nanoko

Shibata Risa (柴田リサ Shibata Risa?) is a minor character who appears in the season, Heartcatch Pretty Cure! She appears to be Yuuto's girlfriend.



Risa appears as a tall girl, however she is slightly shorter than Yuuto. She has brown eyes and straightened hair framing her face. She wore a dark pink jacket over a white shirt, a light pink skirt, and red flats.


Risa is kind, but very shy, as she wanted to tell Yuuto her feelings for him. Once Yuuto proposes to her, she is shown to be very happy.


Risa, who had been worrying, that maybe, Yuuto didn't like her anymore, then went to Fairy Drop, there, Risa asked Sakura, if she had any nice clothes. Sakura with the help of, Erika, then find the perfect clothes for her. Risa then told them that she wanted Yuuto to like her again. Erika then encouraged her to go to him and tell her feelings. Then Risa left. The next day, Erika, and Tsubomi saw her and Yuuto together. This made them both shocked, as they guessed they were lovers. Then while they were seeing how both of them acted to each other, Erika said that they had misunderstood their feelings, then Erika decided to tell them, but Tsubomi did not let her. Then they both made a plan.


Cobraja arrives, while Erika was filming Yuuto, and Risa.

The plan was to leave them at the bridge alone, as Tsubomi, and Erika would see what would happen. Then once they did their plan, Erika took her camera and went down the bridge and would see what happened. While filming, Cobraja appeared. Erika, then saw this, and saw that Cobraja took Risa's heart flower. Then Erika, and Tsubomi transformed. While fighting to get back Risa, Marine got trapped by the Water Desertrian, and then got absorbed into her body, Marine was stuck there, and with the help of Coffret, Marine managed to breathe.

Yuuto carrying Risa.

While fighting, Cure Blossom was trying to get the Water Desertian by telling her feelings. Cobraja told then not to fall for love, then Yuuto told him and the Desertrian, that love is life, and then showed the ring, and tulip flowers to the Water Desertrian, then he shouted to marry her. This made, Risa, and the Desertrian, cry. With the help of Yuuto, Cure Blossom performed, Pink Forte Wave, which purified the Desertian. In the end, Yuuto was carrying Risa. Then he asked her to marry him, this news than made Risa cry, she had accepted.


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