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The Selfish King
ザ·キング ジコチュー Za Kingu Jikochū
SeasonDoki Doki! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceSelfish
RelativesMadoka Aguri & Regina
Princess Marie Ange (Daughter)
First AppearanceDDPC01
Japanese Voice ActorŌtsuka Hōchū
The Selfish King (ザ·キング ジコチュー Za Kingu Jikochū?) is the main antagonist of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. He is responsible of the destruction of the Trump Kingdom and he is the leader of the Selfish group and the Jikochuu. Its revealed in Episode 45 that the Selfish King is in fact the former Trump Kingdom's King and his daugther Regina is darkness of Marie Ange.


It appears as a large black figure and evil, full of thorns and with a kind of helmet with horns on his head. His eyes are red and appears laughing cruelly.

His ressurected body has muscular body and has hands and legs like Akudaikan.


He is cruel but become impatient when his servant repeat their failure against the Cures. Regina threatens to tell him if the Selfish Trio doesn't take orders from her. He always care for Regina and make her as a second in command of the generals. He treat his daughter well.


The Destruction of the Trump Kingdom

He has sent monsters called, Jikochuus, to conquer the Trump Kingdom. This causes Cure Sword's defeat and the disappearance of Princess Marie Ange. He sent his subjects, the Selfish group to Earth to find the princess through Cure Sword.


  • He appears to be similar to the Dark King who nearly destroyed the Garden of Light in Futari wa Pretty Cure and is also huge in appearance.
  • His actions, the destruction of a kingdom before the series started, are similar to Dark Kings's and Desperaia's.
  • He is the second boss to have relatives.
  • He appears to have some control over electricity.
  • He is the father of Princess Marie Ange (It was shown in the episode 46.)
  • His body is similar to greek deity:Kronos because his body is muscular and he did not open his mouth while speaking.
  • He is a second emperor who become evil before become good after Mephisto.
    • Both were primary main villain from the beginning.
    • Both have daughters.
  • He is based on Lucifier. Who represents the sin of Pride.




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