This article focuses on the movie exclusive character, Sakura. For the Heartcatch Pretty Cure! character, see Kurumi Sakura, for the Suite Pretty Cure♪ character, known as a disguise as Hojo Sakura, see Siren, and for the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! attack, see Sakura Blizzard Dance.

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サクラ Sakura
SeasonPretty Cure All Stars
Eye ColorPeriwinkle
Hair ColorLight Jade Green
Home PlaceHarmonia
First AppearancePretty Cure All Stars: Haru no Carnival♪
Theme ColorLight Jade Green (main)
Jade Green (sub)
Japanese Voice ActorOda Sakura

Sakura (サクラ Sakura?) is one of the exclusive characters from Pretty Cure All Stars: Haru no Carnival♪ who is played by Oda Sakura.


Sakura's appearance resembles of a small, light-jade-green-colored bird with periwinkle eyes. Somehow she has some flower-shaped highlights in her eyes. She wears a cherry blossom flower as her hair accessory.




Futari wa
(Max Heart)
MeppleMipplePollun • (Lulun)
Splash Star FlappyChoppyMoopFoop
Yes! 5
CocoNattsMilkPinkies • (Syrup) • (Mailpo)
Fresh! TarteChiffonAzukinaPickruns
Heartcatch! ChypreCoffretCoupePotpourriCologne
Suite♪ HummySirenFairy Tones
Smile! CandyPop
Doki Doki! SharuruRaquelLanceDabyiAi
Happiness Charge! RibbonGlasanAloaloPhanPhan
Go! Princess PafuAromaMiss ShamourKuroro
Mahou Tsukai! MofurunHa-chan
KiraKira☆A La Mode PekorinChourou
All Stars EnEnGureruYumetaMaamu

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