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Saiarks (サイアーク Saiāku?) are the main monsters of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and are made from the dark reflections of people's souls. They are usually summoned by the generals of the Phantom Empire when they find a likely victim. If the Cures fail to defeat the monster, the person can be stuck like this forever trapped in a dark mirror.


The monsters appear as large minions of the generals usually taking on a trait or two of the victims darkness. They wear sunglasses and scarves that have a certain color depending on who summoned it: green(Namakeruda), pink (Hosshiwa) or yellow (Oresky).Sometimes they had different styles in any condition.It appears that one object appears from them,the will form and change appearance.

List of Saiarks

Image Possessing Abilities Summoned by Defeated with Origin


HCPC01.saiark Hat Spinning Namakeruda Blue Happy Shoot Sagara Mao who really liked her hat.


HCPC03.saiark Newspaper Wrapping Hosshiwa Pinky Love Shoot A newspaper carrier who liked his job.


Saiarks Cone Bouncing Namakeruda Blue Happy Shoot The teacher  who would like to find some new friends.


HCPC05.saiark Mole Burrows underground and traps people in its claws Hosshiwa Pinky Love Shoot Possibly from a worker that likes his job as a driller.


Hcpcsaiarks Bento Box Uses giant spoon like a sword Namakeruda Pinky Love Shoot A man who enjoyed eating at the Omori's lunch store


Hcpc7saiarks Wedding Cake Shoots from its candle, whip, and fires strawberries like missiles Hosshiwa Twin Miracle Power Shoot A couple who were happy to be married.


Saiarksmonster Matsuri x2 One wields a corn cob while the other wields an apricot that are used as weapons Oresky Stardust Shoot Megumi's friends who are enjoying the festival and talking about their good fortunes.


Hcpc09saiarks Karate Martial art skill Oresky Twin Miracle Power Shoot Kazumi who was worried about passing her exam.


Hcpc10saiarks Music Box Producing terrible music and amplifying Hosshiwa's song Hosshiwa Twin Miracle Power Shoot Hitomi who was strict to her club members.


Hcpc11saiars Scarecrow Place Choiark everywhere Namakeruda Sparkling Baton Attack Yuko's grandparents enjoying their farming.


  • "Saiark" appears to be translated from terrible or worst.
  • These are the first monsters to gain energy from humans, when they're having no negative feelings.
  • This is the first season to have the monster already strong since their first appearances and are difficult to defeat.
  • Namakeruda's Saiarks spread mold everywhere.
  • Hosshiwa's Saiarks turn the environment into sweets and desserts.
  • Oresky's Saiarks create a barren wasteland with dark clouds.
  • The scarf on the Saiark shows which generals who summoned it (Namakeruda: Green, Hosshiwa: Pink and Oresky: Yellow)
  • They are the second monster who has different colour when one of the members summoned, preceded by Nakewameke.


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