Dokidoki! Ellen's First Experience of School Life-nya! (ドキドキ!エレン初めての学校生活ニャ! Dokidoki! Eren Hajimete no Gakkō Seikatsu nya!?) is the 28th episode of the season Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 369th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With summer concluding Ellen decides she wishes to join Hibiki and Kanade at school. At first it proves to be difficult but after realizing she isn't alone, she is able to focus on doing better. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tones attempt to locate more Notes.



The Fairy Tones relaxing

Hibiki, Kanade, and Ellen go out in searhc of notes when Hibiki catches a beetle. Ellen is able to get a note and Tiry comes to retrieve it - with Hummy noticing something is wrong. Tiry attempts to hide it but when Humm realizes all of the Fairy Tones are suffering, they confess that they don't feel well.

With summer coming to an end, Ellen informs the girls her desire to start school. However, they worry she won't be able to adjust since she's never been to school before. She refuses to reconsider however, and with Otokichi's help she is able to get registered, along with a uniform.

Meanwhile the Trio Minor prepare to capture the Cures and steal their notes.

Kanade explains various important details of school to Ellen a bit later. She describes classes, lunch time, clubs, learning, homework, and so on. Ellen writes down these things to make sure she doesn't forget anything, then she expresses surprise when Kanade informs her she will need to give an introduction of herself to the class.

Ellen getting a note from Hibiki

The Fairy Tones come out to find several notes, but as they try to get them, Bassdrum captures them. However, the cage is too big and they are able to escape; except for Fary, Lary, and Miry. The remaining free Fairy Tones quickly surprise the evil-doers and they quickly excape. 

Ellen learns more about school, but she is left feeling confused, and excited.

Eventually the school day rolls along. Kanade reveals the pencil case she made for Ellen, but the girls start to worry

Hibiki and Kanade give Ellen gifts

after noticing dark rings around her eyes. She informs them that she spent the entire night practicing her introduction and hadn't got any sleep. In hopes of making her feel better, Kanae hands over her gift, and Hibiki hands Ellen a handkerchief. In class, Ellen writes on the board but she uses large writing to do it. They try to tell her that its too big, and then when she tries to introduce herself, she refers to Hummy's own introduction. In hopes of trying to change the subject Ellen suggests everyone sings together - but the teacher interupts and starts the class.

Ellen writes her name on the chalkboard

Meanwhile, the Trio Minor are making their next plan.

Ellen struggles to make some new friends as class goes on, having trouble answering their various questions. Some prove to be easy, but others are difficult. When someone asks where she lives, she honestly answers, "Major Land" followed by "Minor Land", not paying attention to what she should have said instead. Hibiki attempts to distract the new friend by shouting until they're forced to look at her. Ellen is disappointed she isn't doing too well, and honestly tells everyone her desire to be a good friend before fainting. 


Ellen with some classmates

Elsewhere, Ellen awakens to find Hibiki and a few classmates nearby. She is happy to see the others were worried over her - but feels bad for worrying them.

Hummy happens to spot a note until the Trio Minor appear. They use it to summon a Negatone.

Quickly the girls find an excuse to leave and transform into Pretty Cure. They fight the Negatone until they get trapped. But the Masked Cure saves them and the girls quickly attempt to use Music Rondo.

Cure Melody sees Cure Muse

However, they cannot due to how worn out the Fairy Tones are. This gives the Negatone a chance to strike and defeat the girls and Hummy realizes the Fairy Tones had been spending their time awake to search for Notes, which is why they were so worn out lately. The Trio Minor steal the notes and take off.

Its then a mysterious voice tells the girls to head to Major Land.

Major Events

  • Ellen starts to attend school and makes some new friends.
  • The Fairy Tones confirm their exhausted state from having all their notes stolen prior to the episode; leading to Crescendo Tone having to assist them.






Secondary Characters


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