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Chararān! Seirēn no Nise Shinyū Daisakusen nya!
Suite Pretty Cure♪ episode 08
チャララーン! セイレーンのニセ親友大作戦ニャ!
""Chararaan! Siren's Fake-Best Friend Plan-nya!""
Air date April 3, 2011
Episode Guide
Opening La♪La♪La♪ Suite Pretty Cure♪
Ending Wonderful↑Powerful↑Music!!
Directed by Ikeda Yoko
Written by Yonemura Shoji
Animated by Kojima Shogo, Suwada Makoto

Chararaan! Siren's Fake-Best Friend Plan-nya! (チャララーン! セイレーンのニセ親友大作戦ニャ! Chararān! Seirēn no Nise Shinyū Daisakusen nya!?) is the 8th episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 349th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Siren pretends to be a young girl named Sakura to befriend Hibiki and seperate her from Kanade so that they can no longer fight against her. 


Hibiki and Kanade have became best friends again, and as the assistant for an upcoming judo match she asks to borrow Kanade's hairtie for good luck. She agrees, and Siren decides to destroy their friendship by usurping Kanade's status as her best friend. To get information on Hibiki she disguises herself as a cleaning lady. She learns that Hibki enjoys martial arts, strawberry cream macarons, she hates litterbugs, and likes primroses. Armed with such information Siren decides to start her plan.

The next morning Hibiki is on her way to school when a mysterious girl named Sakura Hojo appears. Hibiki is quick to warm up to the shy girl, who claims to be a transfer student. She makes sure to match Hibiki's interest so that she is able to strike up a friendship with her. Surprised by this at first, she is quick to agree and accepts to be her friend.

That evening, Siren pretends to be Kanade and calls Hibiki. She tells her that she no longer wants to be her friend, since she made a new best friend. This shocks Hibiki and she hangs up.


The next day, Hibiki and Kanade met in school. Not knowing about the previous night's call, Kanade could not understand when Hibiki told her that their friendship was over, and that Sakura is her best friend. She then begs Sakura to help out for that day's Judo match.

Left alone, Kanade also heads down to the match venue to pass the good luck hairtie to Hibiki.

During the match, Hibiki's opponent unfairly grabs Hibiki's leg and injures her, causing it to swell and forcing Hibiki to renounce the match. Everyone encouraged her to give up, but Kanade knew that Hibiki would regret it if she did not continue to fight. After receiving Kanade's good luck hairtie again, Hibiki fought and won.


Having won the match, Hibiki was ecstatic. Siren, then lured into a conversation with Hummy, returned to her original form as Ellen.

Seeing this, Hibiki realized that she had been deceived all along. Just then, Siren spotted a musical note on Kanade's hairtie, and turned it into a Negatone. Having mended their friendship, Melody and Rhythm increased their Harmony Power and battled the Negatone as one. Melody then defeated the Negatone with her final attack.

Days after, Hibiki wrote about Kanade in a school assignment: "She knows my true feelings, and though she says harsh things, she is still a best friend who always encourages me".

Major Events

  • Siren's ability to take up multiple human disguises is shown for the first time.





Secondary Characters


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