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Jaja~n! Hibiki wa Ongakugirai-nya?
Suite Pretty Cure♪ episode 03
ジャジャ~ン! 響は音楽嫌いニャ?
""Jaja~n! Hibiki Hates Music-nya?""
Air date February 20, 2011
Episode Guide
Opening La♪La♪La♪ Suite Pretty Cure♪
Ending Wonderful↑Powerful↑Music!!
Directed by Iwai Takao
Written by Yonemura Shoji
Animated by Paul Año-Nuevo, Francis Kaneda, Saito Yu

Jaja~n! Hibiki Hates Music-nya? (ジャジャ~ン! 響は音楽嫌いニャ? Jaja~n! Hibiki wa Ongakugirai-nya??) is the 3rd episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 344th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After being coldly critisized by her father as a child, Hibiki began to hate music. When this comes up she meets a fellow student of her fathers who feels the same way as she - causing her to try to learn what it was her father meant when a Negatone attacks a Piano Tournament.


As Hummy and Hibiki sleep the loud sound of music awakens them. Hibiki claims to hate music and appears to be in a foul mood, heading out into the room to find her father, Dan, listening to loud classical music.

On her way to school Hibiki meets a senior from school, Masamune Ouji, who invites her to attend a concert being held later on that day by the Musical Princes; which her father will be conducting. Hibiki refuses, revealing that she decided to stop playing music in third grade, during a piano recital in which she performed. She refuses to say anymore on the subject, with Kanade claiming that Hibiki never tells her anymore of it than that.

Back at home Hibiki thinks back to that day as a child. Her father was conducting while Hibiki played the Piano and
her mother played the violin. Born into a family of musicians, she practiced to play with all of her might under the loving eyes of her parents.

Hibiki remains depressed as Kanade and Hummy hurry up to bring her a cake. Hoping to sway her to talk a bit more, Kanade points out that Hibiki didn't make any mistakes that day and can't understand it. She wishes to understand Hibiki more, and hear her play the piano again someday. Touched by her words, Hibiki decides to talk to them.

Back in third grade Hibiki was anticipating a trip to an amusement park. It was cancelled at the last minute and Hibiki was unable to withdraw from the piano recital. Even though it came out perfectly and assumed she would be praised by her father, he sternly told her that she didn't perform well, and that it was not "true music", causing her to grew resentful and angry with music. She was shocked by her father, and assumed it was his way of saying she didn't have any talent.

Kanade suggests to Hibiki that she asks her father what he meant and Hibiki decides to take her up on it, using her catchphrase to encourage herself. So they decide to head out to the concert area.


At the concert venue, Siren and Trio the Minor appeared. Changing a cello into a Negatone, Siren and her minions sounded a sorrowful melody, causing the audience to fall into sorrow. Hibiki and Kanade transformed into Pretty Cure to fought the Negatone.

Halfway through the battle, the Negatone headed towards Dan. Unruffled, Dan played the piano, returning the audience to smiles. Looking at Dan, Melody realized how reluctant she had been when she played the piano during the recital. Melody and Rhythm then dispatched the Negatone easily, capturing the musical note.

It's then Hibiki learn from her dad that music needed to be played with joy, and found a new acceptance for music.

Major Events

  • Hibiki's father Dan Hojo is introduced.
  • The origin of Hibiki's hatred of music is revealed.
  • Dan is revealed to be unaffected by the Song of Sorrow due to his love of music.
  • Hibiki becomes determined to overcome her fears and to love playing music once again.





Secondary Characters


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