Meow Meow~! The Birth of Suite Pretty Cure-nya♪ (ニャプニャプ~! スイートプリキュア誕生ニャ♪ Nyapu Nyapu~! Suīto Purikyua Tanjō Nya♪?) is the 1st episode of Suite Pretty Cure♪, and also the 342nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


As Hummy prepares to sing the Melody of Happiness, the land is attacked by Mephisto and Siren, who plan to change it into a melody of Sorrow. After fleeing the land she comes across two girls currently in a feud. 


Suite PC 01 - 24

Hummy leaves with the Fairy Tones to find the Legendary Cures.

Under a clear blue sky, the annual music festival in Major Land was being held. Amidst cheers, Hummy, the Fairy of Songs, mounted the stage. Just as Hummy was about to sing the Melody of Happiness, a song that promises happiness to the world and peace to everyone, Mephisto, along with his minions, Siren and Trio the Minor, appeared, bringing along darkness. Snatching up the Legendary Score on which the Melody of Happiness was written, Mephisto and his minions rewrote the score into the Melody of Sadness. To protect the Legendary Score, Aphrodite immediately scattered the Score's notes into the human world. Siren and Trio the Minor set off to the human world to chase after the notes. Hummy, told by Aphrodite to search for the notes, left for the human world as well. Aphrodite told Hummy about fighting warriors who live in the human world; the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure--- At that moment, in the playing field of Private Aria Academy, Hojo Hibiki, with her catchphrase "I'm betting my p
Suite PC 01 - 35

Hibiki and Kanade have another argument

ride as a woman on this!", victoriously lands a soccer goal.

Hungry, the Soccer Club helper headed over to the Sweets Club to snitch some cake. However, she was caught by Sweets Club member Minamino Kanade, who commented on Hibiki's "bad manners", rousing her to anger. The other students were shocked at Hibiki and Kanade, who bicker whenever they see each other. Though they were like this now, they used to be best friends who played together everyday when they were kids.

After they went their separate ways, both Hibiki and Kanade feel regret over quarrelling.

Suite PC 01 - 44

Mysterious girl, Ellen

Alone, Hibiki went to the Concert Hall where she used to spend time with Kanade. There, she met a mysterious girl, Ellen. With stinging words, Ellen swayed Hibiki's heart, then, seeing the G Clef residing in Hibiki, Ellen reverted suddenly to her cat form to steal it. Hibiki tried to escape, but were surrounded by Trio the Minor.

At this moment, Hummy appeared along with the Fairy Tones, and somehow started bickering with Siren. Looking at Siren and Hummy, Hibiki was reminded of herself and Kanade. Just then, Kanade appeared, holding a record. That record was a precious one, holding memories for the two of them.

Suite PC 01 - 74

Hibiki and Kanade transform for the first time

Spotting a note sitting on the record, Siren transforms it into a Negatone. Hibiki and Kanade were shocked to see their precious record turned into a monster. With their feelings united, the G Clefs in their hearts started to glow. Shouting in harmony "We won't forgive this!", their Cure Modules appeared and they transformed into Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm.

However, due to their shock at suddenly becoming Pretty Cure, the two could do nothing but run away from the Negatone's attacks. Unable to unite as Pretty Cure, the two started to bicker again.

Major Events

  • On the day Hummy is to sing the Song of Happiness to bring another good year to Major Land, Mephisto, leader of Minor Land, appears to steal the Legendary Score; however, Aphrodite sends all of the notes of the Legendary Score to the wind to prevent the Song of Sorrow from being sung.
  • Hummy and the Fairy Tones are sent to Earth to find two girls with special G-clef possessed in their hearts, the qualification to be Pretty Cure.
  • Hojo Hibiki and Minamino Kanade, two "former" friends, become Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm for the first time by possessing both the G-clefs and a special harmony.


  • "Nyapu" from the episode title comes from the word "nyan" which is the Japanese equivalent of "meow".
  • Sweets Club's girls mention that Kanade can rival the president of the club, Kuronami. However, in episode 4 it was confirmed Seika is the president.





Secondary Characters


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