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ルールー Rūrū
SeasonHUGtto! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorViolet
Hair ColorLilac
First AppearanceHuPC01
HuPC07 (major)
Japanese Voice ActorTamura Yukari

Ruru (ルールー Rūrū?) is a villain from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She is an android girl who works for the Criasu Corporation as a part-timer in the Azababu branch office.


She has short lilac hair shaped like horns and pale skin, with violet eyes. She has a black cape that is dark red on the inside. She also wears a purple and black dress with black boots and arm warmers.



As an android, she follows instructions faithfully. Analysis is her strong point, so her advice is precisely calculated. She doesn't show much of her emotions.


Like her colleagues, she calls forth a victim's Prickly Powerer with the words "Hope for tomorrow, begone! Negative Wave!" (明日への希望よ消えろ!ネガティブウェーブ! Asu e no kibō yo kiero! Negatibu Uēbu!?). She can then turn this power into an Oshimaida with the words "I'm ordering you! Oshimaida!" (はっちゅう!オシマイダー! Hacchū! Oshimaidā!?). She travels inside a UFO-like ship whenever she goes to attack the Cures or summon an Oshimaida. She also appears to have the power to rewrite people's memories, making Hana's mother Sumire believe that she is a long-lost relative in order to infiltrate her home before taking on a human form.




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