The Royal Clock (ロイヤルクロック Roiyaru Kurokku?) is a special new weapon in Smile Pretty Cure!. The weapon is a strange clock with wings and a control panel to put a Cure Décor. It has twelve panels, and there are six colors for the panels, there are two white colored, two blue colored, two green colored, two yellow colored, two orange colored, and two pink colored panels.


The Royal Clock was summoned upon collecting the second set of Cure Decors, allowing the Royale Queen to communicate with the Pretty Cure. After Candy briefly summoned the Phoenix's power to turn the Hyper Akanbe, summoned by Wolfrun into a normal Akanbe, she became able to use the Royal Clock to upgrade Rainbow Burst into Royal Rainbow Burst, which can purify Hyper Akanbe. Every time Royal Rainbow Burst is used, the counter on the Royal Clock advances by one towards the count of 12, When the clock gets to 12 the Miracle Jewel will appear.


The Royal Clock is a rare object similar to a clock with a pink crystal among the numbers, over the numbers there is a pink button, which Candy uses to start the performing of Royal Rainbow Burst. On the sides of the clock there are two white wings, and below the the clock there is a control panel, like what is in the Smile Pact, and there is also a hole to put the Décor.


  • The Royal Clock is similar to the Heartcatch Mirage. Both have the same function to perform a Group attack. As well, both work with a small item, Heartcatch Mirage with Golden Heart Seed, and Royal Clock with White winged heart Cure Decor.
  • The six colors of the Royal Clock resembles the colors of the Smile! cures, including Cure Echo's white decor that appeared after she reversed back to Ayumi.


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