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リボン Ribon
SeasonHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorWhite
Hair ColorYellow
Home PlaceBlue Sky Kingdom
First AppearanceHCPC01
Japanese Voice ActorMatsui Naoko
Ribbon (リボン Ribon?) is the main fairy from the series Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. She helps out Cure Lovely, Cure Princess, and Cure Honey during their battles.  She sometimes ends her sentences with either "~desu wa", "~deshita wa", "~masu wa", "~mashita wa" or even "~masen wa."


Ribbon has the ability to produce PreCards from her backpack after the Cures defeat a Saiark. She can also produce shields by shouting "Surprise Bonbon!". She is able to sense a Saiark's presences.


Ribbon is a panda-like fairy with white skin with two grayish-black markings on the top of her eyes. She wears a pink dress and appears to have a pink ladybug-appearing bag on her back. She has blonde hair shaped like a swirl on her forehead. She also wears a pink ribbon on her head with a green clover in the center.


Ribbon is Hime’s mediator, as well as Cure Lovely, Cure Princess and Cure Honey’s fairy partner. Despite her cute appearance, she is silver-tongued and much more gutsy than Hime. She can be very irritating sometimes, but she believes in Megumi and Hime.


Princess Why Are you Running HCPC01

"Princess, you need to defeat the Saiark!"

Before the series began, Ribbon fled with Blue and Hime to Pikarigaoka after the Phantom Empire attacks the Blue Sky Kingdom. She then becomes Hime's partner. In a part of Pikarigaoka, she is watching Hime's battle against the Saiarks till Hime ends up getting defeated by the Saiark. Then Cure Fortune arrives just in time to save Hime but to defeat the Saiark and Ribbon ends up watching Fortune scold Hime and watches as she flies off.


Aino Megumi, Shirayuki Hime and Omori Yuko: She acts as their mascot partner.


Ribbon (リボン) - Ribbon is a type of material used to decorate on clothes, or cloth. Due to Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! being the series 10th anniversary, it's likely that Ribbon gained her name due to Pretty Cures often wearing bows made of ribbon.


  • She shares her voice actress with Ms. Shitataare.
  • Ribbon, Coffret, Chypre and Potpourri ends their sentences with "desu". In Ribbon's case she ends her sentences with "desu wa", and Potpourri ends with "deshu".
  • Ribbon is the second mascot that can create shields, following Potpourri.
  • Like the Doki Doki! mascots, Ribbon and possibly Glasan, can sense the Saiark's presences.
  • She and Glasan are the first mascots in the series to be trapped in a mirror.


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