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レナ Rena
Rena Profile-1
SeasonSuite Pretty Cure♪
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Blue
Home PlaceKanon Town
First AppearanceSPC02

Rena (レナ Rena?) is a minor character of Suite Pretty Cure♪. She was supposed to meet a friend, Arisa, at the third sakura tree in the front of the school gates but she and her friend mixed up the entrances. She was later on able to meet her friend because Kanade brought them together.



Rena is a fair-skinned girl with bright brown eyes and long wavy hair of dark blue-black. Her bangs are tented while her short, fluffy forelocks reach her chin. She wears a purple dress over a white shirt and a pair of cyan flats. She carries a pale blue purse.



Rena and her best friend had the same mix up as Kanade and Hibiki, when they promised to wait for each other by the Sakura trees and went to the sakura trees at different entrances. Thanks to their conflict, Hibiki and Kanade were able to help the girls become friends again.





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