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レギーネ Regīne
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Eye ColorRed (human form)
Light pink (true form)
Hair ColorDark auburn (human form)
Lavender (true form)
Home PlaceDusk Zone
First AppearanceFwPC28
Alter EgoKyoyama Shouko
Theme ColorRed
Japanese Voice ActorFukami Rika
English Voice ActorCarol-Anne Day

Regine (レギーネ Regīne?) is the only Female in Three Seeds of darkness, and she is the second of the three to appear. Her human alias is Kyoyama Shouko (小山翔子 Kyoyama Shōko?). When she is in her human form she is much quieter than when in her true form and she tends to burst things out very loudly when the others don't hear her.

She is not seen in many expressions as a human and she is usually quoted as "scary" when she says things close up, both by her comrades and Wisdom.




True form

When in her true form she has super curly hair, is very serious and talks in a normal tone of voice. When she fuses with Juna and Belzei, all her body, including hair, became dark black.

Human form

In her human form, she appears with orange hair, and has red eyes, she is shy and afraid, the polar opposite of her true nature.



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