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Pollun in his Pretty Commune-form

The Pretty Commune (プリティーコミューン Puriti Komyūn?) is the form that Pollun takes when in the Garden of Rainbows in Futari wa Pretty Cure. Like the Card Communes, the Pretty Commune can be used with various Precure Cards.

At the start of the second season, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Pollun uses this form until the end of episode 4, when he 'awakens' and uses his new Touch Commune form from episode 5 onward.


The Pretty Commune resembles a large bean or heart-shaped laptop. The base is white while the inside of the lid is pale pink with a white window where Pollun resides. On the bottom half is a pink screen or pad with a design on it, along with a rounded mint and white mousepad that resembles his tail, and a mint directional pad on the opposite side.

The outside has a mint flap with a pink gem heart in the middle. On each side is a pale colored strap with buckled clasp.


Pollun has to be in this form in order to provide Pretty Cure with the Rainbow Bracelets so that they can use the attack Rainbow Storm. He also takes this form to rest and restore energy.