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ラケル Rakeru
SeasonDoki Doki! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorLight blue and dark blue
Home PlaceTrump Kingdom
First AppearanceDDPC01
Japanese Voice ActorTerasaki Yuka
Raquel is a dog-like fairy mascot, one of the four main mascots in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. He is very reliable, much like his partner, Cure Diamond.  He ends his sentences with "~quel". When Commune Raquel helps Rikka transform, he begins by saying "Yo, check it, Raquel!"


Raquel is very reliable, siding with her Cure even under pressure. He will often go out of her way to achieve a goal and tries his hardest to be a good fairy to Rikka. On the flipside, Raquel has been shown to be highly suspicious of other people's motivations a trait which mirror's Rikka's own suspiciousness.


Raquel, Sharuru and Lance are first seen on top of Clover Tower while Mana and Cure Sword are faced with the crab Jikochuu. Later, he is seen with all three of them when Rikka is examining her Cure Lovead. Later in that same episode, he turns into a Lovely Commune for Rikka who transforms into Cure Diamond.


Hishikawa Rikka : Raquel is Rikka's transformation partner. He loves Rikka so much.


Raquel has the rare ability to fly, and can turn into a Commune to get Rikka to transform into Cure Diamond. In episode 29 he gains the ability to transform into human. Also he can transform in a chair, and it is unknown if he can take more forms.


Raquel has blue fur in different shades, and two droopy dog-like ears. There are cobalt blue diamond markings on the tips of her ears. His eyes are deep blue, with eyeliner-like markings which are seen to be more curly at the top of the markings. His tail is round and bushy. He wears a ribbon collar with 2 ribbon tails on the front. He also wears a large blue ribbon on his head, decorated with stripes and a silver heart medallion.


Raquel (ラケル) - His name is based on Rachel, the Queen of Diamonds in the traditional Paris court card name. 


  • Raquel is one of the many mascots who are capable of flight. The rest being Flappy (in his ball form), Choppy (in her ball form),  MoopFoopSyrupChiffon, the PickrunsChypreCoffretPotpourriCologne, the Fairy TonesSharuruLanceDabyi and Ai.
  • Raquel is the first dog-like mascot, proceeded by Pafu.
  • He is the first blue fairy mascot.
  • Raquel, unlike Sharuru, Lance and Dabyi, seems to be wearing more of a ribbon-like object on his neck, rather than a collar.
  • He shares his voice actress with Midorikawa Keita.
  • Raquel is the second mascot (following Flappy) to have a crush on another person or fairy. In this case, Raquel seems to love Yashima Chihiro from episode 36.
  • He is older than Sharuru but he looks younger in human form. 



Raquel (Fairy form)

Raquel (Human form)



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